Sunday, 5 January 2020

Newcastle Christmas Road Closures - Feedback

Further to our posting here about the problems caused by Council Christmas road closures in Newcastle upon Tyne, Paul Ogilvie, one of our regular readers has provided the following comments.

I do honestly think Stagecoach NE could have banged more drums. Also the impact on Go North East services exiting the City through Newgate Street was horrendous with both operators vying for the joint stop. 

 Map showing closure of Blackett Street in red and blue diversion route
for all buses via Newgate Street, Grainger Street, Market Street & Pilgrim Street.
Already busy streets with traffic lights at every junction.

Yes the Council bang on about pollution, then cause the air in the diversion to be tripled or even quadrupled. Eight sets of extra traffic lights alone! 
34 Stagecoach buses per hour in each direction were diverted, plus those from Go North East and Arriva.
I’m really surprised that disability organisations haven’t jumped on the bandwagon for the lack of access to the buses from the City, also those who are visually impaired, who would be put in danger when seeking out the remote replacement bus stops. 

Also you mentioned the lack of enforcement of Blackett Street which is just a free for all.

Sadly ALL authorities like to hear their voice and do very little to help the mode which can be less polluting. 

I’m also surprised that Nexus don’t intervene more, basically they don’t seem to be interested in anything other than Metro which had its own problems on the lead up to Christmas.
As with all these situations they will act or shout when it’s too late ie York.

Focus Comment
Newcastle Councillor Arlene Ainsley is claiming that widespread disruption to bus journeys or issues with air quality are simply not true. She probably couldn't see anything from her comfy office in the Civic Centre. 
Traders at the nearby historic Grainger Market are complaining of declining footfall. Maybe the traditional customers who travel in by bus are just not bothering to make the journey when bus stops are moved away from the centre and buses are delayed.

The petition can be signed here