Thursday 16 April 2020

Paul Ogilvie has sent us a link to a fascinating site that gives timetable information and whole lot more, by area and by operator and by means of area maps covering the whole country.

If we start with the map by zooming in and out, all live vehicles are represented by coloured icons. 

Above & below, click on an icon and the vehicle and its position and route are identified.

Above and below, click on the vehicle registration and the bus is identified in detail, showing which livery the vehicle is carrying. Also detailed a timetable is shown together with route maps.

The site can also be searched by area 

and by clicking on an operator their services can be seen and timetabled information for each service seen by clicking on the service number.

A most interesting site containing masses of useful information. We are not sure whether the timetable data takes account of the reduced services during lockdown but the maps with moving icons are certainly live. If you have time on your hands and want to see a particular vehicle in a particular livery it is possible to check whether it will pass you whilst you take your daily exercise!

Above a Stagecoach vehicle in the new 'local' livery.

Hope you find this site useful during a time when many us are confined