Monday, 4 May 2020

Airports & Eurostar Passengers Must Wear Masks

An announcement on the Eurostar website states that From 4 May, "Passengers must wear a face mask or face covering at our stations and on board - in line with guidelines announced by the French and Belgian governments.

Please ensure you have a mask with you when you travel. Any type of mask is suitable as long as it effectively covers your nose and mouth.

If you don’t have a mask you may be refused travel on our services. We’d like to advise you that fines may be imposed in France and Belgium if you’re not wearing a mask"

It is currently illegal to buy any kind of mask from pharmacies in France. As a result, hospitals and other medical establishments have published guides on how to make homemade masks, which offer a small level of protection.

Manchester, Stansted and East Midlands airports will this week begin requiring travellers to wear face masks and gloves. 
The three airports are also trialling temperature checks and looking at plans to ask all passengers to make a health declaration before entering.

Passengers will be expected to bring their own gloves and masks, but the airports will have some PPE supplies on standby.
A Manchester Airport spokesman said: 'Manchester Airport can confirm it will be piloting various new safety measures that are being put in place across Manchester Airports Group (which also owns and operates Stansted and East Midlands) later this week.
'They are designed to help the small number of passengers currently making essential journeys through our airports feel safer and more confident about flying at this time.'
People are being made aware that surgical masks last for around four hours. Homemade masks are likely to last for much less time. Once the mask becomes moist or wet from your breath, you should replace it.