Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Polish Tram Order for Stadler

 More Stadler trams for Krakow

A new framework agreement has been signed for the delivery of up to 60 TANGO Kraków Lajkonik II trams. 
At the same time the two parties signed two contracts for the delivery of 10 and 25 vehicles. 

The value of the framework agreement is in the region of 120 million CHF (113 million euros). Stadler will deliver the vehicles in mid-2023. 

The trams ordered are a continuation of the currently produced TANGO Kraków Lajkonik. These trams are low-floor, three-car vehicles with four bogies. The doors are 1.4m wide, which allows for a rapid exchange of passengers at stops. The design at the front of the vehicle is intended to protect pedestrians.

One of the new features of the trams is that they have back rests for standing passengers. Each tram can accommodate 75 seated and 163 standing passengers, giving a total of 238. 
The vehicles will be equipped with air-conditioning, a ticket machine, a passenger information system, a monitoring system, USB ports for passengers to charge their smartphones, and a passenger counting system. 
The ergonomic cabin and the comfortable driver’s seat create a comfortable working environment for the driver.

The trams are claimed to be environmentally friendly in their design and will incorporate regenerative braking. Furthermore, two of the trams will be equipped to operate without an external power supply. The remaining trams can be upgraded to this feature in the future.