Saturday, 25 July 2020

12 Urbino Electrics Using Inverted Pantographs for Malbork, Poland

Municipal operator MZK Malbork and Solaris Bus & Coach S.A. have signed a contract for the delivery of six electric buses. Newly commissioned Urbino 12 electric buses will start the electrification of the city’s public transport by September 2021 at the latest.

Having won the tender, Solaris will produce six low-floor 12-metre electric buses for the operator MZK Malbork. Following the investment in electric vehicles the city’s public transport services will become one of the most modern in Europe, putting city dwellers’ comfort and urban air quality in the foreground.

 A 12-meter electric bus on test by MZK Malbork

Petros Spinaris, deputy CEO of Solaris commented “It is impressive to see the network of electric transport in Poland developing so dynamically. Malbork is joining the European avant-garde as regards the investments in innovative and green solutions in urban transport that is the basis for sustainable urban centres. Emission-free Urbino electric buses will certainly be noticed by the residents of Malbork who will definitely appreciate comfortable and quiet ride in the city”
The buses will be fitted with Solaris High Energy batteries with a total capacity of 240 kWh. Throughout the day they will be recharged using fast pantograph chargers that are to be set up at the bus termini in Piaski and at the municipal cemetery in Malbork. 

 The pantograph is lowered onto the bus for charging

Malbork has opted for inverted pantographs, i. e. devices integrated in the charging station that are lowered onto the bus roof to recharge the batteries. 
At the end of each day the buses will be connected to plug-in charging devices at the bus depot.

There will be 26 seats in the air-conditioned passenger compartment. 10 of them will be accessible from the low floor, which is particularly important for passengers with reduced mobility. 
The buses will feature special bays for wheelchair passengers or those travelling with prams or pushchairs. 

An electric axle with two integrated electric motors boasting a power of 125 kW each will ensure a smooth ride for drivers and passengers, whereas a video surveillance system and a modern passenger information system aboard each bus will improve passengers’ comfort and safety.

So far, Solaris has delivered nearly 500 electric buses to customers in 18 countries. Another 500 battery buses are being manufactured. 
In the European league table of having the highest number of electric buses in service, Poland is fifth.

 Malbork is 50 km south of Gdansk