Monday 6 July 2020

British Airways News - 787-10 & Retro BOAC 747 to Cardiff

British Airways has performed its first Boeing 787-10 revenue flight. The jet headed for Dallas-Fort Worth after departing London Heathrow.

According to FlightAware, the Dreamliner left Heathrow at 14:52 BST and was due to arrive in Texas at 18:03 CDT. Altogether, the flight time is expected to be nine hours and 11 minutes.

The first aircraft to fly in service is registered G-ZBLA. This plane arrived from Charleston, South Carolina, at the end of last month and was the first 787-10 to join BA. It was manufactured with serial number 60637 and had been making rounds around Boeing’s facility before crossing the Atlantic.
In total, British Airways has 12 Boeing 787-10 Dreamliners on order, which will complement its existing fleet of 787s comprising 12 -8s, and 18 -9s.

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The new Boeing 787-10 is the first British Airways Boeing aircraft to be delivered with the new Club Suite cabin installed. The cabin will have a four-class layout

However, it is now returning to the US while performing a cargo service, under flight number BA193. This route was previously being performed by a 787-8 before today. The new addition is currently traveling at a speed of 564 mph and at an altitude of 11,580 m. 
Right now, it is flying across the ocean, south of Greenland, before it reaches North American airspace.

British Airways BOAC Retro 747 Flies from Heathrow

With the recent announcement that BA are suspending all training and recency for the 600 or so British Airways 747 pilots, the future looks very uncertain for the BA 747 fleet. 
It was very poignant therefore that the beautiful BOAC retro 747; G-BYGC was listed to position to Cardiff Wales for storage today, so this could possibly be the last time we see this magnificent aircraft operating out of Heathrow.
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