Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Llangollen to Corwen Connected

A HERITAGE railway enjoyed a "momentous occasion" following the compilation of track works.

On Monday, the first locomotive ran the length of the line from Llangollen to the end of the track at Corwen.

This was the first time since December 1964 that a locomotive has stood at Green Lane, Corwen.

Network Rail lines open to traffic in this part of North Wales are shown in black, these constituting only a fraction of a once extensive rail network. The restored section of line and its stations are shown in green, and the remainder of line and stations in blue, although Ruabon and Barmouth are still open on the national network. A few other closed lines in the vicinity are shown in red. 

During the course of an engineer's possession of the line for weed killing purposes, the class 08 diesel shunter ran down the line and through the station loop to the head shunt at the end of the track where it reversed.

In doing so it was the first locomotive to run over the new track laid across the site of the former gap in the embankment which was infilled last year.

The weed killing exercise was a very necessary first step in preparing to reopen the heritage railway as required by the Office of Road and Rail before passenger services may be able to resume in some form during August.

General manager Liz McGuinness described the event as a "momentous occasion" following the completion of the track works. Construction on the new station at Corwen is ongoing and is expected to be complete in the summer, she added.

 Corwen Station site

Llangollen Railway encouraged the public to keep supporting its fundraising drive where possible.

A spokesman said: "Over the next few weeks we have a lot of work to undertake.

"The listed buildings we take care of will need maintenance/repairs, the track will need a full inspection and the engines, which have stood idle for months, will need servicing.

"This will all cost money and we need to be in a position to hit the ground running when we are given the go ahead. Your donations will continue to make that possible, if you are in a position to donate."

The organisation's fundraising page has so far received £19,000 in donations.

To see the page and to donate, visit: