Monday 13 July 2020

New Southampton Bus Lanes

 PLANS to introduce new bus lanes into the city have been praised by a Southampton bus operator.

Bluestar’s Andrew Wickham has praised Southampton City Council’s decision to introduce new bus lanes in the city.

It comes after the council announced their new Green Transport Recovery Plan, which will see the installation of temporary bus lanes on both sides of the A3024 Bitterne Road West, between Union Road and Maybray King Way including the Northam Bridge.

Cycles, taxis and private hire vehicles will also be permitted to use them.

“This is our chance to embrace green and efficient public transport over the coming years, and the introduction of new bus lanes - particularly those in Bitterne - will help to ensure services are frequent and reliable here,” said Andrew.

“Before Covid-19, our Bluestar 16 and Bluestar 18 routes, which serve the eastern side of the city, carried more than 11,000 passengers each day in total. And, post-social distancing, each of our double deckers has the potential to take 75 cars off the road.

“Demand for our bus services here is recovering incredibly well - and this could be very good news for the environment because it means fewer cars on the roads.

“Add to that the green credentials of our fleet - we invested heavily 18 months ago in new Euro VI high specification double decker buses with low emissions engines - and we are in a wonderful position to change Southampton’s air quality for the better over the coming years.

“I would like to thank Southampton City Council for having the foresight to introduce key measures in the Green Transport Recovery Plan - including temporary ways to support social distancing which make more space around bus stops, shops and other places where queueing may be necessary.

“We are currently working closely with the council to prepare for when traffic levels increase and even more people will again be travelling by bus.

“Dedicated bus lanes give us an excellent opportunity to lead the way for a greener future here.

“The lanes will not only improve the experience of passengers travelling by bus along these routes, they will also contribute to a cleaner environment across Southampton, moving forwards.”

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