Sunday 5 July 2020

Nobina in Sweden Places Order for BYD Electric Buses

BYD has recently received another order for electric buses from Nobina, one of its biggest and recurrent customers in Europe, which already has over 160 various BYD buses (in Sweden, Norway and Denmark).

The new order is for 13 units (12-metre long), which next summer will be delivered to the town of Piteå in the northeast of Sweden. For the Chinese manufacturer, it will be the most northerly location ever in Europe – close to the arctic circle at latitude 65.31º north. The new order will also increase Nobina's BYD fleet in Sweden to 125 (in Europe to around 180).

So far, BYD has sold (delivered or received order) over 1,300 all-electric buses in Europe. The 12-meter long version is produced in Komárom, Hungary.

Jens Råsten, Fleet manager, Nobina Group said:

“After more than five years and over 7 million kilmometers driven with BYD eBuses, in nordic conditions. We feel confident about the BYD platform meeting our high demands of a reliable, sustainable and attractive public transport – offering a cleaner, quieter and more comfortable traffic,”

Isbrand Ho, Managing Director, BYD Europe said:

“Our ongoing partnership with Nobina is testament to the safety and performance of our eBus products. Nobina places a great deal of confidence in our vehicles and this trust is rewarded with exceptional reliability and productivity; for Scandinavia’s largest Public Transport Operator, this is essential. 

Following extensive testing,” he said, “BYD electric drivetrain technology has delivered very positive results in taming the harsh winter conditions found in northern Europe – performance and reliability is not compromised, whatever the weather.”