Saturday 11 July 2020

Solaris Order for Cracow

Public transport operator Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne S.A. (MPK) has signed a contract for the purchase of 50 Solaris Urbino 18 electric buses. The new electric buses will expand the existing fleet of 400 Solaris vehicles of varying configurations, which are currently in operation on the streets of Cracow - including 28 electric buses.

The order covers the delivery of 50 articulated electric buses as well as 50 plug-in charging stations, suitable for each of the new buses. The vehicles will be supplied to Cracow within a year from the contract signing. The contract value amounts to PLN 165,435,000. 
(£33.415 million)

Petros Spinaris, Deputy CEO of Solaris Bus & Coach, in charge of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service sain "There are already 28 Solaris electric buses in use in Cracow. “We perceive the decision to buy 50 more electric buses of Solaris as confirmation of the positive experience the operator has had using Solaris electric vehicles; experience resulting not only from the high quality of the vehicles as such but also from the professionally designed maintenance service. 

We are proud that we have a real impact on the improvement of air quality in Cracow,”

The electric buses supplied to Cracow by Solaris will be driven by electric axles with integrated electric motors. The design of the articulated buses will be adapted to two recharging modes: by means of a 4-pole roof-mounted pantograph placed above the first vehicle; or using a plug-in charger. Meanwhile energy will be stored in high density Solaris High Energy+ batteries.

The vehicles will be able to carry 141 passengers, of whom 43 will be able to travel seated. The latest buses for Cracow will feature a monitoring system, a passenger information system, air-conditioning, USB charging ports and an electric heating system. Wheelchair passengers will be able to take advantage of platforms facilitating boarding and alighting of the bus. The ramps will be installed at the second door.

“Cracow has taken the fifth place in the “Green capital of Europe 2022” contest. One of the factors taken into consideration in that competition was ecological transport and its meaning for the environment. 

The new buses will service four bus routes running through the Three Bards’ Avenues (Juliusz Słowacki Avenue, Adam Mickiewicz Avenue, Zygmunt Krasiński Avenue), that is in a region of the city where the air pollution limits are exceeded the most,” stated Cracow mayor Jacek Majchrowski.

The purchase of 50 articulated electric buses for Cracow has made it onto the list of projects selected for European Union subsidising. “We have been awarded ca. 110 million PLN (£22.218 million) in subsidies for the purchase of those vehicles. So this is an opportunity for us, by involving relatively small own funds, to obtain zero-emission buses for the residents of Cracow,” commented Rafał Świerczyński, CEO of MPK S.A. in Cracow.