Wednesday, 26 August 2020

70 CNG Solaris Urbino's For Warsaw

In the midst of the rush to order electric buses, other fuels are still very much in demand. 
Public transport operator Miejskie Zakłady Autobusowe (MZA) in Warsaw has placed an order with Solaris for 70 low-floor city CNG buses, with a total value exceeding PLN 116 million or 26.7 million euros.

The order consists of 40 Solaris Urbino 12 CNG and 30 articulated Solaris Urbino 18 CNG buses. In the12m CNG buses the total capacity of the CNG tanks will be over 1500 litres, and in articulated 18-metre buses 1700 litres. 
The heart of these new vehicles will be a 239 kW engine converted to run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). This engine will be equipped with a cold-start function to facilitate start-up at low exterior temperatures.
A video surveillance system together with a breath alcohol ignition interlock is specified. The driver will have a closed cabin with a separate entry for limiting driver’s contact with passengers, thus minimising the risk of infection. 
In 12m buses the total passenger capacity is 90 people and on the articulated buses 135 passengers can be carried.

After completion of all planned deliveries by the end of 2022, MZA will have 160 electric buses and 305 CNG's. The first Solaris Urbino CNG buses will be delivered to Warsaw in April next year with final deliveries to be completed in mid-2021. Once they are completed, the total number of Solaris buses in the fleet of Warsaw operator MZA will rise to over 1100 vehicles.

Solaris is a member of the CAF Group of companies.