Sunday, 9 August 2020

Honk for Hope Edinburgh

Further to our posting on 23rd July covering the HFH convoy in London, 200 more vehicles have now taken part in a peaceful protest convoy in Edinburgh. The coaches gathered on the A1 at Sir Harry Lauder Way before being escorted into the city by police outriders.

Around 12 coaches had dispensation to divert via the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood.

The whole cavalcade then merged at Regent Road and headed into Princess Street with some very tuneful air horns blasting out, to get home the message that coaches need help too. Normally at this time of the year Regent Road is full of visiting coaches from all over, including Europe. Today, NO visiting coaches were on the  parking bays so a sure sign of the current situation.

From the City the convoy headed to East Calder for a break and speeches from the organisers. One of the speakers was Theo aged 8 who’s family operate Applegate Coaches of Gloucester. Young Theo at this tender age is extremely passionate about his family business and it’s future.

Mention was also made of Vic a well respected member of City Circle who has passed away and of Gordon Mayne of Maynes of Buckie who also sadly died recently.

Sadly many people just don’t understand costs of the coaching business or what venues are loosing through lack of coaches. Comments are being made about the cost to operators of attending these events, but how else can you bring the plight of the industry to people’s notice.

The Welsh capital Cardiff could be next on the H F H venue - watch this space
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