Saturday, 29 August 2020

Optare Electric Vehicle Helps Shape Future for Go North East

A British built full-electric bus from Optare has returned to Go North East.

The bus will be running on the Quaylink Q3 service alongside Newcastle’s Quayside and through the busy city centre.

Optare Electric Metrocity operating the Newcastle - Gateshead Q3 service

The trial will help shape future thoughts on electric buses and the company’s fleet, as it continues to further improve its environmental credentials, with substantial year-on-year investment, meaning that it now operates over 250 Euro 6 clean diesel buses.

In October, Go North East will be introducing the region’s first full-electric fleet of buses between Newcastle and Gateshead.

Go North East’s managing director, Martijn Gilbert, said: “This is part of a series of forward-looking strategies to make our bus services even better.

“From 5 September, our timetables will be back to 100% levels – we’ve introduced extra cleaning, more flexible tickets for part-time and home workers, and have deployed extra capacity to help ensure social distancing.

The Metrocity EV Launch at EuroBus Expo 2018

“There’s never been a better time to get on board our clean, safe and comfy low-emission buses that connect our towns, cities and communities.”

Fuel costs account for the majority of the cost of day to day running costs. With recharging costs approximately three times less than that of a diesel equivalent an Optare electric vehicle is more cost effective to operate than a diesel or hybrid equivalent. Maintenance free batteries also reduce the servicing time and costs associated with the vehicle over its lifetime.

Regenerative braking means that most of the energy which would otherwise have been lost when the vehicle is decelerating is sent back to the batteries that power the vehicle. Our EcoDrive management system allows driving styles to be monitored, providing drivers with the information they need to achieve optimum efficiency in service.

Optare say that their electric buses can complete a whole day of service without the need for opportunity charging.* 
Fast charging allows vehicles to be fully charged in approximately 3 hours and opportunity charging can be undertaken through the day where there is a requirement to further extend the range. *based on daily average UK bus mileage of 126 miles.

The Metrocity is available in 10.1m / 10.8m / 11.5m lengths 
and will seat up to 44 passengers and carry a total up to 60.