Saturday 8 August 2020

Waverley - Latest news - Boiler in Steam

Further to our previous posting here, Waverley’s new boilers have been lit for the first time, marking a key moment in the boiler refit. Steam was raised a few days later and further testing has continued to prove that the new boilers are working satisfactory. Once again Waverley is a steam ship! Look out for images and updates on social media channels during Waverley's sea trials.

The new electric systems and boilers are being tested and undergoing commissioning. The main engine and paddles have now turned with the ship back in steam!

The work undertaken in the past six months will help ensure that Waverley is able to paddle on for many more years to come, giving enjoyment to tens of thousands every year. If Waverley is returned to service this year, she will only operate for a short period of sailings on the Clyde and will not travel to other areas of the UK due to on-going restrictions with Covid-19.

Steam rising from Waverley’s funnel during a safety test

To comply with restrictions her capacity will be significantly reduced to allow passengers to socially distance. A range of additional safety measures that seek to reduce the risk associated with the presence of Covid-19 will be put in place.

Any passengers with Sailing Passes or Go Anywhere Vouchers will receive further information when a final decision is taken. All Gift Vouchers currently issued will be valid until October 2022.

You can become a Friend of Waverley and help ensure Waverley's continued operation by giving a small fixed monthly donation. 

From as little as £5.20 per month (to match Waverley’s engine number!) you can help safeguard Waverley’s future.

As a Friend of Waverley, you will:

  • Receive a biannual “The Funnel” e-newsletter giving the latest Waverley news with reports on the sailing season and winter refit work
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  • Take pride and satisfaction in knowing you are helping to support our work to preserve a unique piece of our maritime heritage allowing future generations to experience Waverley.