Sunday, 15 November 2020

EVM to Offer PSVAR Conversions on Tourismo's

EVM are offering PSVAR conversions on 
Mercedes-Benz Mk1 Tourismo coaches

The retro-fit is available for the 12m and 13m two-axle versions, as well as the 13m three-axle versions.

Secondhand Tourismo's  are popular as Mercedes-Benz moved to Euro 6 much earlier than the legal deadline, meaning that a PSVAR conversion is much more worthwhile on a Euro 6 vehicle than anything less.

The collapse of Shearings earlier this year due to the impact of COVID-19 has resulted in large volumes of second hand Tourismo's coming onto the market at attractive prices.

This combined with the high demand for PSVAR coaches for most school contracts used on services which don't serve the public has made life difficult and expensive for those operators who haven't invested in PSVAR vehicles. The offering of the conversion can be a life saver for those who have been wrong footed by the change in ruling on PSVAR.

The complete conversion – using a PLS cassette lift – will also include front, side and rear destination equipment to fulfil PSVAR requirements.

It has the integration of a well-engineered access door, with glazing matching matching the shape, tint and size of the original OEM offering.

 The conversion will not affect the structural strength of the coach and is designed to look as close 
as possible to the original design. To the casual observer it will look original. 
Also, all regulations will be covered including 107.06 for the wheelchair space and Regulation R80.02 for seat anchorage strength.

Vehicles can be collected, converted, painted, certified and re-delivered to customers by EVM who are best known for work on Mercedes Mini Coaches

 The conversion work will take around four weeks per vehicle with EVM's capacity to deal with up to 16 coaches per month.

 The EVM website can be found here here