Sunday, 28 February 2021

Antimicrobial Coating That Protects Surfaces From Spread of Coronavirus For Up to a Year, Applied to a Fleet of 24 Brand New MAN Buses

 VT-Arriva, the Hungarian arm of one Europe’s largest public transport companies, recently inked a fresh deal with Resysten, a company that manufactures an antimicrobial coating that protects surfaces from the spread of coronavirus for up to a year, to apply its product to a fleet of 24 brand new MAN buses. The deal follows a prior one in 2020, in which Resysten was hired to coat a fleet of 450 buses.

ATP tests were carried out on the brand new buses ahead of the application of Resysten’s coating (and before they were used by the public), and once again 48 days after its application, following extensive use in Hungary’s transit networks. The tests showed a reduction of 97% in the presence of pathogens on surfaces including ticketing machines, driver cabins, steering wheels, handles, doors and windows, highlighting Resysten’s astonishing performance on public vehicles fresh out of the factory.

Resysten is the most advanced photocatalytic hygienic coating in the world today. Upon contact with light, the sprayed solution produces hydrogen peroxide, which prevents the presence of pathogens on any surface. It has been developed to integrate into any surface on a molecular level, meaning that it cannot be removed by conventional cleaning methods and so it remains active for up to a year. These two key properties result in surfaces that protect users and their environment from the spread of contamination.

The product was Initially developed in Budapest in 2014 to stop the spread of hospital acquired infections and flu outbreaks in public transport networks. Since March 2020, at the beginning of the lockdown, the company prioritised extensive testing to discover that it is also effective against the spread of Covid-19.

Early adopters include Budapest’s airport and Metro transport network (including all 27km of its escalator handrail) as well as Hungary’s public hospitals. Resysten’s latest customers also include Audi, Auchan, T-Mobile, Mylan Pharmaceutical, Philip Morris International, Stadler, Cognizant, Europart and the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague.

To date, the company has treated a total 150,000 square metres of surfaces, and has struck partnerships in 35 countries around the world.

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