Monday, 1 March 2021

First Irizar Integral, Converted to Meet PSVAR Accessibility Standards, Arrives in UK

Irizar is responding to the changing demands of the coach industry by offering factory-conversions to meet the Public Service Vehicle Accessibility Regulations (PSVAR) standard on new and used, Irizar i6 and i6S UK vehicles.

All coaches converted by Irizar are supplied with a Certificate of Approval and carry a two-year Irizar guarantee on the conversion together with maintaining the 5 year structural guarantee supplied from new

To guarantee a reliable and durable solution through the conversion process, Irizar have carried out a comprehensive design analysis of the vehicle structure. This includes a finite element study which identifies, through 3D mapping, where stresses and strains may occur on the coach while in operation, ensuring that all necessary reinforcements are in place. 
This robust process means that the conversion will be fully compliant with the ECE R66.02 rollover regulation, withstand the test of time and protect residual values in the future.

Irizar i6 PSVAR Factory Conversion

PSVAR conversions at the Irizar factory include:

Masats KS7 cassette type semi-automatic wheelchair lift, side mounted within the luggage compartment.

Wheelchair access door.

Floor tracking with a Tecam quick-release seat system and appropriate restraints.

Front, side and rear Hanover destination signage, with a bright and modern white led text.