Tuesday 18 May 2021

Assets Regained at Llangollen Railway Auction

LLANGOLLEN Railway could re-open as early as July or August, despite previous fears over its future.

At an online auction of the Public Limited Company's (PLC) assets on May 12 m
embers said that the bidding was 'fast and furious' and that prices were paid 'substantially in excess' of their expectations.

They were 'delighted to secure the 'priority one assets, namely one accessible-adapted coach, road railer, 12t crane and Lowmac'.

On March 1, the railway's PLC went into receivership with debts of around £350,000 and there were concerns for its future.

The separate Llangollen Railway Trust, which remains completely solvent, has been battling to raise enough money to buy as many of the assets as possible and get the railway back on track.

Bidders also acquired two further coaches and a significant amount of machine tools which will remain on the Railway.

Pete Edwards, Trust chairman, said: “It was very important to secure the principal assets which will enable us to continue preparations for reopening without further interruption. The support we have received from so many donors, without which we may well not be able to look forward to running again this year, and the friendly bidders, has been crucial and is very much appreciated.

"Numerous coach and plant items will be leaving the Railway which is a great shame from our point of view but at least their future in preservation is secured.”

Preparations can now begin in earnest to complete the necessary works on Dee Bridge and in the tunnel.

“We are on target to reopen in late July or early August,” Mr Edwards concluded.

Both appeals remain open and members would welcome further support to help fund the higher prices they had to pay for priority items.

To donate, visit: llangollenrailway.enthuse.com.

Alternatively, supporters are invited to send cheques payable to Llangollen Railway Trust Ltd to The Station, Abbey Road, Llangollen LL20 8SN.

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