Friday 14 May 2021

Focus Transport - Ten Years Old Today

It is ten years since this Focus Transport site was launched, although Focus Transport been in existence for much longer, via our original website which was run by Oliver Foreman until May 2011

Richard Lomas then set up this replacement website which was easier to run and allowed approved contributors to add to the site. Richard's style was somewhat different to what we have today, he and his wife Kath made regular trips home and abroad and sometimes Richard would submit a very brief posting about vehicles he had spotted. see here

He would also travel, with his wife Kath, around the UK to photograph and report on the public transport scene. here

Here's a posting by Oliver Foreman marking our second birthday here 

Richard sadly passed away in May 2012 leaving me to head up this Focus site and continue to offer daily postings .

In August 2012 a trentbarton bus was named after Richard here

Richard's great interest and knowledge about trams was demonstrated via Richard's Tram Blog which is still kept running by his widow Kath and a team of valued contributors.

Here are 2011 postings by Ken Jones  here and  here

Here's one from May 2011 covering the improved journey time between Newcastle and London of 2hrs 37 minutes here
Currently the best southbound journey time between the two cities is the 16.59 departure from Newcastle which is scheduled to take 3hrs 1 minute.

The Focus 3 million page view mark was reached on 13th February 2021 and now the viewing figures continue to go from strength to strength, with the past two monthly figures exceeding 50,000 per month, meaning that we will reach the 3.2 million page view mark by the end of this month.

Many thanks to our regular readers and contributors making this possible. 

If you are a new visitor to the website please drop us a line at to let us know what you think of the content and how you discovered the site.

The invitation also goes out to our regular band of loyal readers to also let us know what you think of the website content.

When Covid restrictions are lifted and transport events are once again allowed, it would be much appreciated if you could send news and photos to

David Gambles


Some up to date news

Here's a video showing how some redundant signal boxes are being being put to use for community purposes here