Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Irizar Electric Buses Heading for Barcelona

Nine Irizar zero-emission electric buses will start to operate shortly in the city of Barcelona on line H16 (Pg. Zona Franca – Fòrum Campus Besòs). These units are in addition to the four Irizar buses that have been operating in the City since 2019. 

With the entry into service of the new vehicles (there are also 14 Solaris Urbino articulated e-buses on the launching pad), the H16 will become the first 100% electrified high-demand line in Spain.

Also 46 CNG-powered mild hybrid buses have been launched in Barcelona.

Earlier this year TMB has launched a new call for tenders to purchase 210 ‘green’ buses, 78 of which will be 100% electric: 29 articulated buses equipped with pantographs for opportunity charging and 49 standard buses with batteries and pantograph for charging at night in the depot.

Taking into account the recent deliveries and those still to be awarded, nearly 30% of the fleet will be renewed with environmentally friendly power.

4-min charging slots for the Irizar ie tram in Barcelona

Last December TMB Barcelona announced a roadmap to improve the environmental quality of Barcelona’s bus fleet, according to which from now on only clean (and, preferably, electric) vehicles will be procured.

The aim is that by the end of 2024 TMB’s fleet of standard and articulated vehicles will be made up solely of electric, hybrid and gas buses.

The newly introduced buses features the EcoBus brand on the sides, which from now on identifies TMB buses with the most advanced environmental qualities: electric, natural gas, hybrid and soon fuel cell (delivery of eight CaetanoBus H2.City Gold is expected within 2021).