Sunday 13 June 2021

Solaris Package Deal for Eight Electric Solaris buses and Charging Infrastructure in Gorzów

Solaris Bus & Coach has signed a deal for the supply of eight zero-emission Urbino 12 electric buses with the city of Gorzów Wielkopolski and the operator Miejski Zakład Komunikacji in Gorzów Wielkopolski. 
The contract covers also an investment part for the design and building of the vehicle charging infrastructure, demonstrating how Solaris can offer a full package of turnkey electromobility solutions. The total net value of the contract amounts to over £4.8m.

The electric vehicles will be fitted with Solaris High Power batteries with a total capacity of ca. 120 kWh. The batteries will be used to store the energy needed to feed the electric drive axle of the vehicle. Two charging modes will be available, conventional plug-in as well as pantograph charging. 

In this particular case the municipal carrier opted for an inverted pantograph which is mounted on a mast and not on the roof of the bus. The 12-metre electric bus will provide space for at least 80 passengers. The driver’s cabin in the commissioned model will be completely shut off.

Petros Spinaris, Deputy CEO of Solaris Bus & Coach commented
“As the popularity of electromobility is rising, and it is becoming an option that is readily available to public transport operators, so are the 
expectations of municipal carriers. Hence, among others, the bigger number of turnkey tenders, encompassing not only the purchase of vehicles but also of infrastructure needed to recharge electric buses. We are ready for this challenge. Our experience and technological know-how allow us to be a competent partner for operators at every stage of the implementation of e-mobility solutions. We are happy that Gorzów will join the ranks of cities with zero-emission fleets,” said 

In the case of the contract with Gorzów Wielkopolski, Solaris has committed to expand the bus terminus, to design and build three pantograph chargers, with a massive 400 kW in charging power, which will be deployed at the termini in strategic city areas. 
These chargers will allow the operator to maximise the daily operability of electric buses. Also, the producer is also due to deliver four depot charging stations, each coming with two charging points, boasting a power of 2 x 60 kW; allowing standard overnight charging of vehicles.

In the photo (from the left): Mateusz Nalewajski (Commercial Operations Deputy Director, Solaris Bus & Coach Sp. z o.o.), Petros Spinaris (Deputy CEO, Solaris Bus & Coach Sp. z o.o.), Jacek Wójcicki (Mayor of the City of Gorzów Wielkopolski), Roman Maksymiak (CEO, MZK Gorzów Wielkopolski).