Sunday, 20 June 2021

Updated Northern Statement on Class 195 and 331 Fault

Northern has issued the following statement relating to faults identified earlier this year on the new fleet of trains built by CAF

A spokesperson for Northern said: “A fault was identified on some of the new fleet of trains built by CAF and operated by Northern.

“The fault affected the brackets attached to yaw dampers (a system designed to reduce swaying motion in the carriage) and resulted in 24 trains being removed from service while the issue was investigated.

"While the root cause of the problem has not yet been fully established, we have worked closely with CAF to resolve the issue. As part of this work, CAF and Northern developed an interim modification which is now being fitted to all the affected trains.

"The vast majority of those trains are now back in service on our network, with only a handful yet to have the modification fitted.

"Work is ongoing to design a permanent modification that can be applied to all CAF trains operated by Northern.”

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