Saturday 10 July 2021

Lufthansa Replaces Its Shortest Route With A Coach Service

Lufthansa is scrapping its shortest air route, replacing the service with an express coach service.

The route between Munich and Nuremberg is just 86 miles (138 km) as the crow flies. Lufthansa operates many domestic services across Germany, connecting major cities with its Frankfurt and Munich hubs. These services run alongside a comprehensive rail codeshare network.

The express coach connection is now the future, the journey taking 2:15 hours. This will be offered from July 5th – the connection will be “well received”, according to a spokesperson with a view to advance bookings.

Over the past few years, short flights have come under increasing fire within the European Union. Some countries, such as France, have gone as far as to ban some routes that could feasibly be operated by train. However, the decision was prompted by the current aviation situation and not by environmental concerns.

The 68-mile as the crow flies route between the two airports takes one hour 50 minutes across 167km (102 miles) by road.