Friday, 23 July 2021

Nottingham Area Bus Society Annual Summer Gathering and Running Day Ruddington July 2021

The Nottingham Area Bus Society welcomed visitors to their 2021 Annual Summer Gathering on the 18th July.

The group are based at the Great Central Railway (Nottingham), at Ruddington on the outskirts of the city and obviously have a close working relationship with the locomotive side of the centre.
The aim of NABS is to restore and preserve public service vehicles to create a ‘living history’ for  visitors who visit, as well as securing the exhibits for future generations

Ken Jones visited this event and has sent the following photographs. Details of the exhibits can be found below.

Railway exhibits on view included 43159 and a class 144, further details of which can be
 found on the Great Central (Nottingham) website below.

More details about the resident vehicles can be seen here

Great Central (Nottingham) website here

Read about the efforts to join the two sections of the ex Great Central Railway here 

Thanks again to Ken Jones for keeping us supplied with photographs from the events now taking place after the end of lockdown.
If you are attending transport events this year please feel free to email photos to 

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