Tuesday, 6 July 2021

'Passenger' Helps Go-Ahead Launch 17 apps in Five Weeks

Passenger, the UK’s top-rated public transport app provider has helped Go-Ahead Group successfully launch 17 apps in the space of just 5 weeks, as part of their partnership announced in January 2021.

Go-Ahead Group bus operators across the country, including Metrobus, Oxford Bus Company and Bluestar, are now able to offer a simple, efficient journey planning solution to customers via their new apps.

All apps feature easy ticket purchase and real-time journey information, with live departure boards and the ability to check bus capacity as it approaches a stop. In addition, passengers can see the positive environmental impact of leaving their cars at home, thanks to a new step count feature and carbon emissions calculator.

Tom Quay, CEO at Passenger commented: “As we emerged from lockdown, we knew we needed to work quickly to help operators show people they don’t need to rely on their cars for a safe, efficient way to travel. 
Working with a large operator such as Go-Ahead is incredibly exciting and our businesses are very aligned in our ambitions for growth in public transport.  The Go-Ahead Group apps launch marks our largest roll-out of apps in such a short space of time. We’re delighted to have successfully achieved this to accommodate close to 1 million travellers across the country.

“We love working with operators who embrace change and that's evidenced in such a huge roll-out, as the first stage of what will be an incredible partnership."

Katy Taylor, Go-Ahead’s Chief Strategy and Customer Officer added: “It’s really important that our customers are able to plan their journeys, book tickets and check when their bus is arriving quickly and easily. This helps them to feel in control of their time and to travel safely. We look forward to welcoming customers back as restrictions ease and helping people connect with their friends and family and colleagues.”

Go-Ahead Group’s operators which have launched their new apps:

● Brighton and Hove

● Metrobus

● Go East Anglia

○ Hedingham & Chambers

○ Konectbus & Norwich Park+Ride

● Go South Coast

○ Unibus

○ Unilink

○ Southern Vectis

○ Salisbury Reds

○ Swindon's Bus Company

○ Morebus

○ Bluestar

● Go South West

○ Go Cornwall Bus

○ Plymouth Citybus

● Go North East

● Go North West

● Oxford Bus Company

● Carousel Buses

The next phase of the project will be the launch of 8 new websites for the Go-Ahead Group, from July this year, in addition to the 11 Passenger websites they already have. 
In a significant new development for Go-Ahead, each of the Passenger-powered apps and websites will offer integrated web-to-mobile eCommerce. Customers will be able to buy tickets on the web and use them instantly in apps, making planning journeys, purchasing tickets and using them even easier.

Go-Ahead is one of the leading public transport operators in the UK, employing more than 30,000 people across bus and rail businesses in the UK, Singapore, Ireland, Norway and Germany. In addition to the travelling public, customers include governments and local authorities. The company are committed to tackling climate change, poor air quality and social isolation.

Go-Ahead run a fleet of nearly 6,000 buses across England and run a quarter of London’s buses for Transport for London. Outside London, they serve high-density commuter markets in the North East, Greater Manchester, East Yorkshire, Oxfordshire, East Anglia, the South East and the South West of England. Go-Ahead also operate a bus contract in Singapore and two bus contracts in Ireland.