Tuesday 28 September 2021

Iveco Achieves New Record Mileage for E-Way: 543km on a Single Charge

 An IVECO BUS E-WAY has performed a record run by travelling 543 kilometers (337 miles) on a single charge in 48 hours. The record was certified by TÜV Nord.

The 12-m IVECO BUS E-WAY was operated in real operating conditions, demonstrating all the benefits of zero-emissions transport as well as the outstanding reliability and excellent performance offered by this full electric vehicle.

Carried out on the initiative of bus operator 
based in Lower Saxony, Verkerhrsbetriebe Bachstein last July, this test took place over two days, from 5.30 am to 4 pm. The 12-m E-WAY, equipped with a 350-kWh battery pack, finally ran 543 kilometers without any problems.

Certified by TÜV Nord, the bus had 3% residual load at the end of the test, meaning that it could have gone even further, thanks to its low consumption: 0.61 kWh / km.

“We had already completed a first test on our test track running already 527 kilometers on a single charge. We are delighted with this new record performed this time by a customer in real operating conditions. It proves the ability of the IVECO BUS E-WAY to go even further.” says Stéphane Espinasse, IVECO BUS Brand Leader.

"I didn’t believe it, but now I’m proud to have performed this feat on urban and suburban routes in the Braunschweig region in school missions,” said Malte Seek, the E-WAY driver.

Jan Behrendt, CEO of Verkerhrsbetriebe Bachstein said
 "this is a real challenge for drivers: They are the ones who hold the wheel and manage the entire vehicle. Thanks to on-board telematics, they know at all times what they can and cannot do. For me, this record foresees well the future of electro mobility ".

The IVECO BUS E-WAY range offers a wide choice of lengths (9.5, 12 and 18 metres) and charging modes (slow overnight charging, or fast charging with or without pantograph). The manufacturer says that "It also offers a supremely comfortable experience for drivers and passengers with a smooth ride and acceleration and that the E-WAY range incorporates over 20 years of development and manufacturing expertise acquired by brand in alternative energies and particularly in electric mobility"