Sunday 31 October 2021

Climate Train Travels to Glasgow COP26

A special 'Climate Train' operated between the Netherlands and Scotland yesterday carrying passengers to COP26, the international climate change conference, which is taking place in Glasgow.

Rail companies across Europe united with Youth for Sustainable Travel for the special train to COP26
The service started at Amsterdam, bringing delegations and youth activists from across the continent to Glasgow for COP26
The journey showcases importance of rail travel in battle against climate change

The 'Climate Train' operated, thanks to a partnership between Avanti West Coast, Eurostar, NS, ProRail and Youth for Sustainable Travel.

Official delegations from the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Germany joined young people, MEPs, and NGOs such as Friends of the Earth and Oxfam, to enjoy one of the more sustainable ways to travel between the continent and COP26.

With a passenger's carbon footprint from one flight between Amsterdam and London the equivalent of seven Eurostar journeys, there are significant carbon savings to be made by improving access to fast, seamless rail connections between the UK and the continent.

Rail Minister, Chris Heaton-Harris, said: “Our railways are one of the most sustainable ways for people to travel. As we host the world at COP26, I’m proud that our railway is playing its part in the fight against climate change.
We are committed to achieving a net zero rail network by 2050, ensuring our railways continue to play a pivotal role in enabling greener, cleaner journeys for passengers.”

Executive Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of the European Green Deal, Frans Timmermans, who was at Brussels-Midi station to send the train off on Saturday, said: “Taking the train to the climate summit in Glasgow is without a doubt the most climate friendly way for delegations to travel there. 

The train is sustainable and provides plenty of comfort, whether you travel for work or for pleasure. 
Also, within Europe, the train is fast becoming an increasingly attractive alternative to flying, especially on shorter distances. I wish all travellers on the Climate Train an enjoyable journey and most of all I wish them plenty of success at the summit”

Whilst travelling at 186mph between Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels and London, youth activists will come together with politicians and rail experts to debate and exchange ideas, tackling topics such as how to accelerate the modal shift towards sustainable travel and how innovation in rail can support this.

On arrival in the UK, delegates made their way between St Pancras and Euston via London’s first “Wellbeing Walk” - an alternative walking route which aims to avoid high levels of pollution on the busier roads.

One of Avanti West Coast’s iconic Pendolinos, which carried delegates on the London to Glasgow part of the journey, has been fully wrapped with a unique sustainability design to celebrate the Climate Train journey. 
One flight between London and Glasgow is also the equivalent of almost seven train journeys. 

A competition will be launched on social media to name the train to go alongside the design which was applied with the support of train builder Alstom, Aura Graphics and rolling stock company Angel Trains who own and invest in the Pendolino fleet.

Watch time lapse footage of the Climate Train being wrapped here

To mark the departure of the Climate Train, rail partners across Continental Europe have signed a message to COP26 - pledging to remain the most sustainable form of motorised transport, with a call for greater support for international rail routes in order to accelerate growth in sustainable travel.

Train operators in Britain also support the UK government’s commitment to deliver a net zero railway network by 2050, which research shows could create almost 6,000 long-term jobs, and to remove all diesel-only trains from the network by 2040.

Jacques Damas, Chief Executive Officer, Eurostar said: "Pre pandemic, demand for international high-speed rail had grown consistently across two decades, as passengers increasingly recognise the benefits of train versus plane. 
As an industry, our challenge is to take this further, helping our customers lower their carbon footprint as we invest in routes, timetables and a seamless customer experience. 
The Climate Train is a symbol of partnership between rail operators and a show of commitment to meet growing customer expectations when it comes to sustainable travel. "

Phil Whittingham, Managing Director, Avanti West Coast said: “Climate change is a serious threat to everyone on the planet and Avanti West Coast, like the wider rail industry, is committed to cleaner, greener transport for all. 
By uniting with operators across the continent, the Climate Train’s journey illustrates the ease of travelling between countries providing customers with a sustainable alternative.

“But our commitment goes beyond COP26. For example, in the next few years we will be replacing our diesel only trains with a combination of electric and bi-mode trains that will substantially reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment.”

The Climate Train concept was initiated by not-for-profit organisation Youth for Sustainable Travel and Dutch rail infrastructure manager ProRail, and became a reality thanks to collaboration with carriers Eurostar, NS and Avanti West Coast. 
It benefits from the financial support of all Infrastructure managers on the route (Infrabel, SNCF Réseau, Getlink, HS1) as well as SNCB and EWS Schönau. The initiative is also supported by CER – the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies, EIM - European Rail Infrastructure Managers and UIC - the International Union of Railways as part of the EU Year of Rail.

Click here to see a detailed timetable and actual journey times for the Euston to Glasgow journey that took place yesterday. The train arrived 2¼ minutes early compared to scheduled timings.

Saturday 30 October 2021

Spanish Operator Renfe to Operate Paris to London Service to Rival Eurostar

Spanish rail operator Renfe is reportedly seeking to operate a new service between Paris and London, initiating talks with the Spanish ministry of Finance to be granted permission.

Renfe is Spain’s state-owned train company, which is now expected to take advantage of the slots in the tunnel under the Channel, capitalising on the high passenger demand for the route.

“Renfe wants to operate on the Paris-London high-speed line through the Eurotunnel, and has already started initial contacts to compete with Eurostar,” A Renfe spokesperson said.

Starting with seven trains of its own trains, the Spanish operator expects to see returns from the fourth year of operations.

The move is part of the operator’s internationalisation plans, which aim to see in the next 10 years 10 per cent of the company’s total income come from abroad operations.

After being heavily impacted by the pandemic, in the first nine months of 2021 Renfe’s losses amounted to €277m, a 16 per cent improvement compared to 2020. 
The company also registered a positive EBITDA of €19.8m, the first positive one since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The fleet of Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation high-speed trains consists of the double-decker TGV INOUI trains, with 509 seats, which travel the Barcelona to Paris​. 
The AVE trains, which have been completely renovated and have capacity for 347 passengers, connecting Barcelona and Madrid with Marseille and Barcelona and Lyon​. Both types of trains are designed to travel at over 300 km/h.


Friday 29 October 2021

Hull Trains Return Stronger Than Ever

Timetables at Hull Trains will be back to pre-pandemic levels from December as public confidence in rail travel continues to grow.

The numbers of passengers returning to rail travel has been steadily increasing in recent months, leading to renewed confidence from the operator.

In fact, optimism is so high that Hull Trains will be running 94 services from December 12th: the highest service level ever offered by the operator, beating its previous record of 92.

“This represents a significant milestone for Hull Trains as we grow back to recovery and beyond,” said Managing Director David Gibson.

From December 12th, an additional service will be introduced on Sundays to match the six services already offered on Saturdays. A seventh service will become part of the regular weekday timetable and ten-car operations will commence on Fridays and Saturdays to provide additional capacity just in time for Christmas travel and the general growing demand as we prepare to enter 2022.

The news will be welcomed by everyone associated with Hull Trains following one of the most challenging periods in its 21-year history. Services were suspended on three occasions during the pandemic with no financial support from government as an open-access operator.

David Gibson said: “We are welcoming back loyal passengers, as well as enticing new passengers to rail. Our trains are some of the most modern and environmentally friendly on the rail network and we are determined to provide safe, reliable and comfortable journeys.

“Delivering the highest levels of service ever offered by Hull Trains will allow us to break back to profitability and drive the business forward strongly and with confidence.”

Thursday 28 October 2021

'Vertical' & Heathrow to Collaborate on Future of Urban Air Mobility

Electric aircraft gear up for operations at Heathrow by mid-2020s

Vertical Aerospace (“Vertical”), the global aerospace and technology company that is pioneering zero-emissions aviation, has announced a collaboration with Heathrow Airport to explore how Vertical’s VA-X4 electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle could operate from Heathrow by the mid-2020s.

The agreement between Heathrow and Vertical is a significant milestone for Britain’s zero-emissions aviation industry. Both parties will work closely to explore how this new technology can fit into existing operations at the airport, build understanding of the regulatory changes that would be required, maximise potential job opportunities and minimise any potential impacts on communities surrounding the airport.

With speeds of up to 200 mph, Vertical’s piloted eVTOL will be able to transport four passengers in near silence from Heathrow to the City of London in 12 minutes, with zero operating emissions and at a cost similar to a taxi. This new agreement comes as interest in the future of urban air mobility is growing, with major airlines already operating at Heathrow keen to see the technology develop. 

Virgin Atlantic has already announced a partnership for the UK launch of an eVTOL network with Vertical and conditional pre-order options for up to 150 VA-X4s.

By working together, Vertical and Heathrow expect to help Britain maintain its leading position in sustainable aviation technologies and support moves to a low carbon economy to help meet the Government’s net zero ambitions to make the UK net zero by 2050.

Vertical’s top-tier global customers include American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Avolon, Bristow Group, Iberojet and Marubeni Corporation. 

Through these relationships, Vertical believes that it has the largest conditional pre-order book in the eVTOL industry, of up to 1,350 aircraft worth $5.4bn. Vertical’s eVTOL aims to be an industry leader in safety, being on track to be certified to the highest global standards and matching the safety performance of airline passenger jets.

Stephen Fitzpatrick, CEO and Founder of Vertical, said “Vertical continues to partner with world leading organisations such as Rolls-Royce, Honeywell, American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Bristow Group and Microsoft. 

This partnership is a big step forward as we try to get the UK to Net Zero by 2050. This announcement marks the start of an exciting relationship that will help make eVTOLs flying from Heathrow by the mid-2020s a reality.”

Chris Annetts, Chief Strategy Officer of Heathrow, said “We are delighted to be partnering with Vertical, a global champion in emissions-free aviation. This emerging technology has the potential to reduce congestion and pollution on local roads, while providing passengers with a best-in-class experience on the cutting edge of modern technology. We look forward to exploring the possibilities of zero-emissions flight together.”

Shai Weiss, CEO of Virgin Atlantic, said “Today’s new partnership between Vertical Aerospace and Heathrow Airport is an exciting next step on the pathway to creating the infrastructure needed to support eVTOL operations at our Heathrow hub. We look forward to working closely with both Vertical and London Heathrow to transform the first and last 100-mile journey of passengers travelling through Heathrow”.

More here

Wednesday 27 October 2021

SSE, Go-Ahead & BYD ADL Partnership Launch COP26 Electric Bus Tour From London to Glasgow

SSE – a major partner at COP26 – alongside the Go-Ahead Group, SWARCO, and bus manufacturers BYD and Alexander Dennis are using a tour of an electric bus to showcase national efforts already underway to decarbonise.

Transport minister Trudy Harrison MP has signalled her support for the unique electric bus tour from London to Glasgow to celebrate low carbon energy and transport projects that are transforming our lives.

The 11-day tour commenced at Go-Ahead’s Northumberland Park bus garage in north London, one of the largest of its kind in Europe, to showcase the people and places driving the transition to net zero.

Northumberland Park is also home to the Bus2Grid project, led by SSE, BYD, UK Power Networks, TfL, and other partners, which could enable electric buses to become two-way chargers capable of putting power back into the Grid. Northumberland Park can charge 100 electric buses overnight and London currently has 950 electric buses on the road or on order.

The vehicle being used on the ‘Road to Renewables’ tour is a BYD ADL Enviro400EV pure electric double decker built in Britain by BYD and Alexander Dennis with a range of 160 miles - meaning it could get from London to Sheffield on a single charge. It is the UK’s best-selling electric double decker electric bus and one of 1,000 BYD ADL electric buses already on the road or on order.

Trudy Harrison, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Transport (DfT), said: “The launch is a wonderful example of the collaboration and innovation required to reach our net zero targets ahead of COP26, and Northumberland Park is already playing a huge role by bringing cleaner air to London with its 117 EV buses in operation.

“The Government has recently pledged a further £2.8bn to support the switch to cleaner vehicles and the Bus2Grid project based here is precisely the kind of research we need to power up the electric vehicle revolution, not just for cars but for public transport too.”

After the photo call involving the Mayor of Haringey, Councillor Adam Jogee, the COP26 branded bus hit the road north with the intention of reaching Glasgow three days before the climate change conference gets underway there.

The tour includes meeting the young green engineers who are based at the 500MW offshore windfarm at Greater Gabbard at the UK’s most easterly point; as well as the businesses and local authorities driving the decarbonisation of cities like Oxford and Peterborough.

The ‘Road to Renewables’ journey concludes in Glasgow on October 29th three days before COP26 gets underway where the bus will open an official charging garage for the climate change summit.

SSE is a major partner at COP26; and alongside the Go-Ahead Group, BYD/Alexander Dennis and SWARCO will use the EV bus tour to showcase examples of the national effort already underway to decarbonise.

Nathan Sanders, Managing Director of SSE Distributed Energy, said: “There could not be a better time to take to the road with our message that innovation and collaboration are key to tackling the climate emergency.

“SSE is proud to be a major partner of COP26 and proud of the EV infrastructure our distributed energy team provide to help create greener transport and cleaner cities. 
We’re excited by all the people and projects we’re showcasing on our ‘road to renewables’ and our innovative Bus2Grid project that could see buses become two-way chargers is a great place to start our tour.”

David Brown, Go-Ahead Group Chief Executive, said: "Go-Ahead is the UK's largest operator of electric buses, with nearly 300 modern zero emission vehicles in our fleet. It is fitting that the 'Road to Renewables' journey started at Northumberland Park Garage, home to approximately 120 electric buses and the pioneering Bus2Grid technology.

“Not only does a double decker bus take up to 75 cars off the road, reducing congestion and improving air quality - by decarbonising our fleet we can make an even stronger contribution to tackling carbon emissions and enabling public health.”

Paul Davies, Alexander Dennis President and Managing Director, said: "As a global leader in the design and manufacture of double deck buses and the UK’s largest bus and coach manufacturer, Alexander Dennis is playing its part in the road to net zero by supporting thousands of skilled green jobs.

“Our British-built zero emission buses can not only reduce local air pollution and support the transition to net zero, but also help to underpin the opportunities for the bus manufacturing industry to prosper."

Frank Thorpe, BYD UK Managing Director, said: “As the world’s leading eBus manufacturer, BYD has delivered over 68,000 eBuses around the globe. 
In the UK, we are committed to providing total solutions for eMobility to our customers. 
We have already delivered over 500 pure-electric British-built buses and believe in a collaborative approach and work in partnership with organisations that share our vision. 
It is through these ‘win-win’ collaborations with a range of local partners, that we bring our pioneering battery technology and continuously contribute to a zero-emissions future.

“BYD is the first company globally in the commercial vehicle sector to provide high-power discharge technology to enable electric buses to charge the grid. We take great pride in our contribution to making Bus2Grid a successful project.

“COP26 is extremely important to BYD, as we share its same mission. We are dedicated to developing innovative technologies that deliver zero-emission transportation to everyone in the world. 
We have delivered one million BYD New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) globally which have successfully contributed to reducing over seven million tonnes of CO2 emissions.”

Justin Meyer, Managing Director of SWARCO Smart Charging, which is powering the Road to Renewables bus, said: “By providing electric vehicle charging infrastructure and support services for double-decker buses and beyond, SWARCO Smart Charging is helping the UK transition to a low-carbon transport system. We are determined to support the mobility needs of society and help the UK cut its climate emissions.”

Tom Cunnington, TfL’s Head of Bus Business Development, said: “Innovative projects like Bus2Grid are key if we are to decarbonise London’s bus network and support the wider national effort to reduce emissions. 
We are pleased to support the Road to Renewables tour, and it is fitting that it commenced in London, with most new UK zero emission bus orders coming from the capital. 
These orders are helping to support 3,000 jobs across the UK in places such as Scarborough, Falkirk and Ballymena in Northern Ireland.

The Bus stopped off in Oxford on the way north from Northumberland Park Garage

“In the year of COP26 we have accelerated the pace of change, bringing forward the date our bus fleet will be zero emission and we have given a commitment to only purchase the greenest buses, with 950 on the road or on order.”

Ian Cameron, Head of Innovation at UK Power Networks, said: “We are collaborating to realise the full potential of V2G technology for buses. Not only do electric buses have a vital role in reducing emissions and improving air quality, harnessing the power of their batteries could potentially help us accommodate even more renewable energy on the network.”

Tuesday 26 October 2021

Lumo Up & Running

Lumo, the new London - Edinburgh East Coast rail service is up and running, initially with just two services each way until 11th December. Then further services will be introduced.

Early ticket sales data suggest reaction to Lumo’s greener and affordable offering has been positive.

The first passenger services began on Monday [25 October], Lumo says sales are above expectations, despite selling tickets for just 44 days.

Above & below, a southbound Lumo service passes through Alnmouth
on the first day of service

Weekend train services have been particularly popular as people begin to rediscover using the rail network for staycations and to visit friends and family.

Helen Wylde, Managing Director for Lumo, said: “The support we have received for Lumo has been fantastic. We have always said we intend to reimagine rail travel and we are glad people are giving us a chance. Tickets are selling well beyond expectations, and we have had great feedback about our commitment to offering a different kind of rail company. However, rest assured we are not complacent and understand we must earn travellers’ trust in the Lumo promise.”

The inaugural service also marks a significant feet of manufacturing as the brand new, state-of-the-art Hitachi AT300 intercity electric trains were constructed during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, while observing appropriate safeguards.

Steve Montgomery, First Rail Managing Director, said: “Lumo underlines our commitment at FirstGroup to innovation and customer service to reimagining rail travel. We have invested over £100 million to ensure Lumo stands apart and encourages people to choose rail travel over air for journeys between the two capitals. This is an important moment for the industry as we encourage more people back onto the rail network.”

Jim Brewin, Head of UK & Ireland at Hitachi Rail said: “This fleet is another milestone for our North East factory, with the highest number of parts being sourced from Hitachi Rail’s UK supply chain. Despite the initial challenges of the pandemic, Hitachi Rail has delivered these 100% electric trains on time, which is testament to the determination and resilience of everyone involved.

Ahead of COP26, the Lumo fleet demonstrates how UK manufacturing and rail can offer a zero-emission alternative to flying and deliver green growth.”

The launch of Lumo aims to create more than 13 million additional passenger journeys in the next decade as well as reducing carbon emissions by encouraging travellers to use greener, electric rail travel. It will contribute as much as £250m to the UK economy over ten years.

Sarah Reid, Commercial Director for Network Rail’s Eastern region, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Lumo to the route. The East Coast Main Line has a rich history, and the introduction of these new, fully electric services marks the next chapter.

“We’ve worked incredibly closely with Lumo and the wider rail industry on making these plans a reality and it’s fantastic that today, we realise a new future for sustainable rail travel.

“We wish Lumo all the best and we look forward to continuing to work closely with them as we welcome their first train on the network, helping to improve choice for passengers and encouraging more people to travel by rail.”

FirstGroup’s £100m order with Hitachi Rail for the manufacture and maintenance of Lumo’s AT300 intercity electric trains was financed by Beacon Rail.

Adam Cunliffe, CEO at Beacon Rail, said: “Railways offer a safe, sustainable and cost-effective means of transport now and in the future. Lumo is reinventing rail travel with a fresh and affordable offer. Beacon is delighted to support Lumo and congratulates Helen and her team as they attract more customers to rail from road and air.”

Monday 25 October 2021

FlixMobility Acquires USA Greyhound Operations

FlixMobility provider of the FlixBus and FlixTrain brands, has announced that it has acquired Greyhound Lines, Inc. the largest provider of long-distance bus transportation in the United States, from FirstGroup plc. 
This acquisition marks another important step in FlixMobility’s vision to provide easy-to-use, affordable, and environmentally friendly travel for consumers across the globe.

The purchase brings together FlixBus’ innovative global technology and shared mobility expertise with Greyhound’s iconic nationwide presence and experience, creating a company that will be better able to service the needs of intercity bus travelers in the U.S. 

Intercity bus lines were a lifeline during the pandemic for communities and essential workers, and as economies re-open, they will be a tremendous driver for sustainable growth across the country. 
The FlixBus Global network serves over 2,500 destinations in 36 countries outside of the US with 400,000 daily connections. Greyhound currently connects approximately 2,400 destinations across North America with nearly 16 million passengers each year.

André Schwämmlein, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FlixMobility which 
was started in Germany in 2013 , said, “Consumers across North America are increasingly seeking affordable, comfortable, smart and sustainable mobility solutions. A compelling offering will draw significantly more travelers away from private cars to shared intercity bus mobility. 

FlixBus was started in Germany in 2013 and now operates in 36 countries

Together, FlixBus and Greyhound will be better able to meet this increased demand. As our business continues to recover from the effects of the pandemic, we will replicate the success that we have already achieved in 36 countries outside of the U.S. with our innovative and customer centric approach.”

Buses as a sustainable and accessible alternative are now more important than ever. Fluctuations in the cost of fuel, the recent escalation of car prices, and climate change concerns have increased the interest of many consumers in finding alternatives to individual car usage. 
FlixMobility is operating at the forefront of this global mega-trend, and the acquisition of the iconic Greyhound business will help the company realise its vision to offer sustainable and affordable travel to everyone.

Jochen Engert, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FlixMobility, commented, “The continuous expansion of our services through partnerships and acquisitions has always been an integral part of our growth strategy to build our global presence. 
The acquisition of Greyhound is a major step forward in the US. The FlixBus and Greyhound teams share a common vision to make smart, affordable and sustainable mobility accessible to all."

Above and below, FlixMobility also operates rail services under the FlixTrain name

David Martin, Executive Chairman, FirstGroup plc said: “The sale of Greyhound to FlixMobility is part of our portfolio rationalization strategy to refocus FirstGroup on its leading UK public transport businesses. 
As part of FlixMobility, I am confident that Greyhound will be well placed to continue to grow and develop their iconic services for many years to come.”

FirstGroup has reached agreement with Neptune Holding Inc. (the 'Buyer'), a corporation 100% controlled by FlixMobility, to sell Greyhound Lines, Inc., the US Greyhound operating business (including its vehicle fleet, trademarks, and certain other assets and liabilities) for an enterprise value on a debt-free / cash-free basis of c.$46m plus unconditional deferred consideration of $32m with an interest rate of 5% per annum. 

FlixMobility was started in Germany in 2013 by Jochen Engert, Daniel Krauss and André Schwämmlein to deliver a revolutionary means of travel that combined technological advances, e-commerce capabilities, and sustainable transportation. 

Over the past eight years, the company has demonstrated significant success, with FlixBus growing to become Europe’s largest intercity bus network, helping more than 62 million people in 2019 reach their destinations.

FlixBus USA launched in 2018 with destinations across the Southwest, including Los Angeles, CA, Las Vegas, NV, and Phoenix, AZ. 
Since then, the Company has expanded its operations to facilitate travel between additional cities in the Southwest, South, Northeast and Pacific Northwest.

Sunday 24 October 2021

Aire Valley Transport Group Bus Running Day at Skipton

The 2021 Bus Running Day was held on October 10th with vehicles running a network of services from Skipton Bus Station and with buses on layover and display at Coach Street Car Park.

Ken Jones was there and has provided the photographs below.

Looking back at my photographs from 2011 I thought I would add the following, which show vehicles that were not on show at the 2021 event. They include TOB 377 the Flights AEC Reliance Burlingham Seagull, a body style which I regard as the ultimate in coach design.


Many thanks to Ken Jones for his photos. If you have attended a transport event this year feel free to send photos to

Saturday 23 October 2021

NYMR Light Spectacular

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway, has unveiled its latest visitor experience, the Light Spectacular, an October half-term audio and visual sensory event for passengers on board the popular heritage railway.

Tickets for the Light Spectacular are currently on sale and are £25 per person. Entry will include an hour-long illuminated journey from Pickering to Levisham Station, with carriages adorned with 17,000 LEDs.

The North Yorkshire Moors website says "Marvel at our heritage carriages, decorated with thousands of lights, before departing from Pickering Station for an awe-inspiring journey. Let Voice Over Man, from the X-Factor and Britain's Got Talent, entertain you on your journey alongside a DJ-Mix of music that will get you in the mood for a party the whole family will enjoy.

Each passenger will be given their own interactive LED wristband which is synchronised to the music and passengers become part of the show"

From the moment passengers enter the platform, spot the train and then climb, on board they’ll be fully immersed in colour, light and sound. This one-of-a-kind experience will depart from Pickering Station every evening from the 23rd to 31st October at 6PM and 7.45 PM.

Tickets feature a flashing wristband which passengers wear for the journey and is synchronised with the on-board narration and a mix of music to help get the whole family in the party spirit, with famous hits from the 60s right up to present day tunes.

Specially discounted rates for groups of 20 people or more are available, and can be booked via the NYMR Customer Service team.

Chris Price, NYMR General Manager, said: “This is an experience you’re not going to want to miss out on! The team has been working really hard behind the scenes collaborating with an immersive sensory company to create a unique journey for passengers. 
We can’t wait to witness the first Light Spectacular express depart from Pickering Station - it will be something very special.”

For more information about all other NYMR events visit: