Friday 8 October 2021

Diamond Bus Invests in Electric Powered MAGTEC Conversions From Diesel to Electric

Diamond Bus are working towards a cleaner, greener future with the launch of their first electric buses.

The first of 5 electric vehicles will commence service on local Black Country routes, enabling Diamond to monitor performance and viability of expanding more electrical vehicles into their fleet in future.

MAN 18.240 Plaxton Centro in service after conversion from diesel to electric power

Diamond Bus say that they are committed to understanding and identifying the most suitable Zero Emissions Bus Technology for their operating areas, to ensure they can move towards a more sustainable fleet in future.

They have already invested over £9 Million in more than 75 brand new Euro 6 Low-emission certified micro-hybrid buses since 2018, however, the latest vehicles are fully electrically powered and produce no carbon emissions or exhaust fumes from the tailpipe, which means they go even further to improving air quality in local towns and cities.

These buses green credentials don’t just stop there!

In order to minimise their environmental impact, existing diesel-powered Diamond vehicles.
have been sustainably converted  to electric power In partnership with UK-based EV specialists, MAGTEC. 
The buses go through a process whereby the existing engine is removed and replaced by a fully electrically-powered motor and battery packs, which provide 200 kWhr of battery energy storage.

By reusing and refurbishing existing vehicles, it has allowed the company to invest in zero-emission technology, without the need to dispose of existing service-ready vehicles. Diamond Bus say "The converted electric buses really do epitomise the ultimate green goals; to reduce emissions and reduce waste!"

"Buses are already one of the cleanest ways to travel; by reducing car-use, one single bus can help to lower traffic-related carbon emissions and congestion problems and by choosing to invest in more environmentally friendly vehicle options, Diamond Bus really are committed to working towards a greener future and a brighter Diamond".

Diamond have also invested in a fleet of Micro-hybrid Streetlite buses

Diamond Bus have already invested in new Euro 6 buses that operate on various routes in the West Midlands and Worcestershire and offer some great benefits. The vehicles are already the cleanest Euro 6 buses available, but the micro-hybrid system included in these vehicles makes them even cleaner with a 20% improvement over standard Euro 6. 
This means they are Low Emission Bus Certified and help to contribute to better air quality for local towns and cities.