Wednesday 6 October 2021

Riding the Greater Anglia 755's With a Plus Day Ranger Ticket

Ken Jones and Roger Burdett travelled to East Anglia to try out the new 755 units in East Anglia using a greater anglia plus day ranger ticket. 

After driving to and from the West Midlands to Cambridge they were able to travel on the following rains in daylight, missing out only the Sheringham Branch, the line via Diss and Ely to Kennett line.

In summer it would be possible to travel on all the lines in daylight. There are other specific rover tickets available which would allow exploration of individual lines.

Cambridge 8.45 Ipswich 10.04

Ipswich 10.58 Felixstowe 11.24

Felixstowe 11.28 Ipswich 11.54

Ipswich 12.16 Lowestoft 13.42

Lowestoft 13.48 Norwich 14.33

Norwich 14.40 G Yarmouth 15.13

G Yarmouth 15.17 Norwich 15.55 via Berney Arms [The least used station in the UK]

Norwich 16.27 Cambridge 17.47

greateranglia have been investing in many units including class 720 / 745 / 755's with the aim to change every train on their network. More information about these units can be found on sites such as Wikipedia and greateranglia. See here

All the journeys on this trip used 3 and 4 car class 755 units, which are bi-mode multiple unit trains built by Stadler Rail of Switzerland for greateranglia.
The 755's operate on the more scenic rural routes out of Norwich and Ipswich. They have the same high spec as the Intercity fleet, but offer Standard Class only.

Part of the FLIRT modular train family. FLIRT stands for (Fast Light Intercity and Regional Train; German: Flinker Leichter Intercity- und Regional-Triebzug)

The units had good acceleration, were very clean and the staff very pleasant and helpful.

Information from personnel and displays in the carriages include time of arrival at stations, with clearly legible internal display notices. It will be interesting to see how they are in a couple of years in service.

The triangle at one end of each unit by the unit number indicates the end for bicycle and disabled access. All the units have flush entrances to the platforms. Some stations will not take a full-length unit. The staff advise this at the start of the journey.

755328 is seen at Cambridge

720557 is seen at Ipswich.
The 720 Aventra EMU's were produced by Bombardier and were ordered in
five car and ten car configurations

755325 is seen arriving at Ipswich from Felixstowe

 755402 and 755409 are seen at Lowestoft

 Above & below, views of the of the internal display system

click here  to see a video of the 775's

Many thanks to Ken Jones for this posting. 

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