Tuesday, 23 November 2021

East Midlands Day Ranger

Roger Burdett and Ken Jones travelled on an East Midlands day ranger ticket, their last trip before the onset of winter, with the intention of seeing as much as possible during daylight hours.

The map below shows the area covered by East Midlands Railway and its predecessor East Midlands Trains.

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Trains from the East Midlands to London are called EMR Intercity and those from Corby, Luton to London called EMR Connect and are not part of day rangers. 
The remainder, EMR Regional is split between a ranger based around Nottinghamshire and another based around Lincolnshire. 
Roger & Ken chose a Nottinghamshire option and added an anytime single from Nuneaton to Nottingham as the rangers can only be used after 9.00 am on weekdays. 
Participating train companies are Cross Country; East Midlands Railway; West Midlands Trains; and Northern. The area covered is shown below.

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After winter, a trip is planned using a Lincolnshire Ranger.

The planned itinerary was as follows:-

Nuneaton 07.24 – Leicester 07.53

Option of express or stopper service from Leicester to Nottingham

Leicester 08.48 - Nottingham 09.11

Nottingham 09.25 - Worksop 10.34

Worksop 10.39 - Nottingham 11.43

Nottingham 12.35 - Lincoln 13.29

Lincoln 13.35 - Nottingham 14.25

Nottingham 14.40 - Peterborough 15.41

Peterborough 15.49 - Leicester 16.49

Same train

Leicester 16.50 - Nuneaton 18.08

There was no time to travel on the Matlock and Alfreton branches in daylight

They were 5 mins late arriving at Lincoln and 30 mins late returning to Nottingham due to slow moving train in front. They missed their connection to Peterborough and with no suitable connections they went over to plan B which was to stay on the same train to Leicester

Actual Itinerary

Nuneaton 07.24 – Leicester 07.53

Leicester 08.25 - Nottingham 08.57 chance to travel on a class 222

Nottingham 09.25 - Worksop 10.34

Worksop 10.39 - Nottingham 11.43

Nottingham 12.35 - Lincoln 13.34

Lincoln 13.35 - Nottingham 14.55

Stay on train to Leicester arriving at least 30 mins late

Leicester 16.12 - Peterborough 17.11 missing out route via Grantham

Peterborough 17.50 – Nuneaton 19.08

Below are some of the railway items of interest you can see using this ranger

1] NET trams to Hucknall on former BR lines on Worksop Branch

2] Harry Needle’s vast storage site on both sides of the line as you approach Worksop https://www.harry-needle.co.uk/

3] Leicester depot home of UKRL http://www.ukrl.co.uk/

4] Nottingham Depot home for many EMR DMUs

5] Boden Rail at Nottingham at Nottingham Eastcroft depot

6] Most of the level crossings are automatic half barrier but the one near Creswell has gates, manually operated from a signal box and protected by semaphore signals

7] The crossing on the level of the East Coast Main Line and the Lincoln line near Newark

8] Restored station building at Mansfield Woodhouse

8] The closed Brush works at Loughborough https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brush_Traction

The Worksop line is known as The Robin Hood Line and signage has branding


The Leicester / / Loughborough line is known as The Ivanhoe line and signage has branding


Pictures by Ken Jones

A good start to the day as we see 730 001 stabled at Nuneaton

170 637 is our Cross-Country train to Leicester

UKRL at Leicester s where we saw 08,37, 43,47,56,58 and 91117, 91120
in Euro Phoenix livery

014 in EMR Intercity livery with service to London

222 001 at Leicester in older EMR Intercity livery

156 919 at Nottingham in new EMR Regional livery

195 005 at Nottingham with a service from Leeds

New class 170 livery includes unit number on sides

Poster advertising new EMR services – not exactly new trains but refurbished units

170 420 at Worksop for service to Nottingham

Part of the vast storage sidings at Worksop, includes Greater Anglia
class 720 and SW Trains class 701 

Older EMR Regional livery

 66194 heads RHTT train through Nottingham with 66015 at the rear

158 856 arrives with our service to Lincoln

Units on Nottingham depot with Boden Rail on the the far right

The East Coast main line crossing near Newark

158 856 at Lincoln as we rush across the footbridge for our train back to Nottingham

EMR Intercity 180113 is seen at Leicester with a train for London

170 398 has brought us from Leicester to Peterborough

801 109 is one of several Azumas stopped at Peterborough due to
overhead wires down near Retford

Southbound trains from Peterborough are not affected including this Thameslink service

66713 is seen with a freight passing the station

755 333 has just arrived with a service from East Anglia and will soon be
departing on the return service

170621 is our return Cross-Country service to Nuneaton