Friday, 26 November 2021

Flixbus Announces: Hydrogen Long-Distance Coaches on The European Network by 2024

Flixbus hydrogen-powered coaches with a minimum range of 450 km on a single refilling are set to be in operation in Europe. 

FlixMobility intend replacing diesel vehicles in the FlixBus fleet with fuel cell coaches in the future and plans to test and launch fuel cell powered coaches travelling on long-distance routes during 2024 in Europe to set new standards

Flixbus are stepping up their UK operations

FlixMobility is taking part in the recently started research project HyFleet together with its partners Freudenberg Fuel Cell e-Power Systems and ZF. The project consortium recently received the official “UIA” (a non-binding letter of intent) confirmation by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

André Schwämmlein, founder and CEO of FlixMobility said “We are proud to be part of the HyFleet project to develop the first fuel cell-powered long-distance coach in Europe until 2024 together with Freudenberg and ZF. Fuel cell power technology is part of the green mobility revolution and gives bus producers the chance to shape the future of sustainable mobility.

Thanks to a modern fleet and the high capacity of FlixMobility, long-distance coaches are already now one of the most environmentally friendly means of transportation available.
FlixMobility successfully launched biogas-powered FlixBuses in July 2021, E-buses in France and Germany and a long-distance coach equipped with solar panels. Now, the company wants to take sustainable mobility a step further.
While hydrogen-powered buses are already operating inner-city routes, solutions for hydrogen-coaches for long distances are still lacking due to the extremely demanding nature of long-distance bus operations:

Flix coaches drive around 200.000 km yearly with distances up to more than 1.000 km per day with usually only short stops. Depending on the number of drivers involved during a trip the bus will legally have to take a break after 4,5 hours of driving, which is roughly reached after 450 km.
For this reason, any diesel coach alternative should be able to perform at least 500 kilometers distance before refueling. Hydrogen offers great opportunities because it will be able to reach or exceed the required range. Refueling times will also be shorter than refueling diesel buses.

UK Operations
After successfully re-launching a UK domestic network in April 2021 and an expansion during mid-May, Flixbus have expanded their network to 10 new UK-destinations, including its first two stops in Scotland and other popular domestic holiday destinations.

New stops: 1. Bath 2. Chesterfield 3. Chippenham 4. Coventry 5. Edinburgh 6. Glasgow 7. Leamington Spa 8. Newcastle 9. Reading 10. Sunderland