Saturday, 25 December 2021

Best Wishes for Christmas and The New Year

Sending Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year. The Focus Transport website will take a short break during the Christmas holiday week. It is hoped that you have enjoyed visiting the website during 2021 and that you will continue to do so during 2022.

What the new year will bring we don't know, as COVID is again spoiling most people's plans. Bus and train operators are cancelling services due to staff catching the virus.

Passenger numbers are again falling, following the advice for people to work from home.

Who would have thought that a second Christmas would have been spoilt by this cruel virus.

Looking for positives, we do know that we can bounce back to near normality as we did during 2021. In spite of the problems, many transport operators were able to keep investing in new vehicles and trains, a large number of them using the very latest battery and hydrogen technology. 

It is hoped therefore that the current situation will improve and that research and development will continue to bring transport to the forefront of modern technology.

The high cost of electrically powered cars with limited mileage range, coupled with the current problem of expensive and inconvenient charging facilities will possibly help to convince many people that car ownership is no longer viable and the hopefully the transport industry will step up and fill the void.

The Focus Transport website reached the 3.5 million page view mark during the latter part of the year, so thank you to all who visit the site and thank you to those that have helped by contributing to our pages.

During the short break why not look back at our previous postings by using the search box facility?

It is fascinating to see how things have changed since we first started in 2011. Who would have thought that the transport sector would have changed and  progressed so much in that comparatively short time.

David Gambles