Wednesday 1 December 2021

Pelican Yutong TCe12 Zero Emission Electric Coach

Pelican Yutong are promoting the TCe12 zero emission electric coach as a solution to school transport and commuter needs..

They say that "With the ever-increasing focus on carbon emissions and air quality, it is important that we invest now to demonstrate our commitment to future health.

At Pelican we believe all students and commuters deserve to travel in a quality environment with best-in-class safety in a zero-emission vehicle"

The TCe12 zero emission electric coach offers the following:

Safety - All batteries are protected by a nitrogen flame suppression system and are placed in collision protection cages. All seats have 3 point seat belts and electronic anti-lock braking is standard.

Features - Passengers have access to on board WIFI and USB charging. The saloon has full air conditioning for optimum travelling conditions.

Accessibility - The vehicle is fully wheelchair accessible allowing all to feel included on their travels.

Zero Emissions - The TCe12 is the only zero emission coach available in the UK. There are no harmful emissions during the journey or whilst the vehicle is stationary.

Costs benefits - Vehicles in service show an 80% reduction in the cost of electricity used to charge compared to diesel fuel. In addition, maintenance costs are reduced by up to 40%.

Range - A range of up to 250 miles is possible on a full charge.

Charging - A full recharge takes only 2 to 4 hours (dependent on the size of charger specified).

Infrastructure - Full management of infrastructure installation available.

A single TCe12 on school service work will save in the region of 30,000kgs of CO2 every year in comparison to an Ultra-Low Emission Bus which emits about 1kg of CO2 for every mile travelled - any older vehicle emits significantly more.

Pelican are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of electric buses and coaches, with over 200 zero-emission vehicles already in service. 
Our 100% UK owned, 102 year old family business pride ourselves on our outstanding service and support. 
Pelican aftermarket care is available nationwide 24/7, 362 days a year and is delivered by a highly experienced team of people, backed by a comprehensive stock of parts.

The vehicle itself is produced by Yutong, the largest bus and coach manufacturer in the world with a 16% share of the global market. There are now over 126.000 zero emission Yutong’s in service worldwide, with 26.2 billion kms of operating experience already completed. 

This is the equivalent of 80,000 hectares of reforestation!

Scottish company Ember are operating a Dundee - Edinburgh service using TCe12 vehicles on the 60 mile journey between the two cities.