Monday, 24 January 2022

GCR & Nottingham Heritage Railway Reunification Latest News Ruddington to Leicester

Trains between Ruddington to Leicester move a step closer this year as the two railways focus on the A60 bridge. Efforts to reconnect the two heritage railways to form an 18 mile route, are continuing with fund raising to refurbish the 120 year old worn out bridge over the A60.

This the only part of the missing link to carry track, but currently trains are not allowed on this section due to the weak bridge structure, which has been hit by over height goods vehicles.

A considerable amount of funding has been put in place but a further £110,000 is needed to get the job underway to enable the work to be completed by the end of 2022.

When this bridge is restored trains will be able to run from Network Rail tracks and run over the northern section of the Great Central and eventually allow complete unification of the two sections of the GCR.

Donations towards the refurbishment of the A60 bridge can be given by clicking the link here

Already, great progress has been made on the reunification project, with the completion of the bridge over the Network Rail lines and also the canal bridge.

Click here to watch a video covering the progress of the reunification project