Friday, 28 January 2022

Order for 183 Urbino 18 Electric Buses for Operation in Oslo

Unibuss AS, one of the biggest Norwegian bus operators, has placed an order for 183 Urbino 18 electric buses for operation in Oslo, the Norwegian capital . Following a tendering exercise the total value of the contract stands approximately €100m euro. 
This is a breakthrough in the history of Solaris, as it is such a large, one-time order for electric vehicles. 
The largest contract for Solaris for battery articulated vehicles completed so far was the contract with MZA Warsaw for the supply of 130 vehicles.

“We are extremely proud of the trust that Unibuss AS has again placed in us and we are really looking forward to further expanding our collaboration. A contract for such a large delivery of e-buses is also ample proof of the zero-emission revolution becoming reality. The residents of Oslo will soon have the opportunity to see it for themselves when travelling on comfortable Urbino 18 electric buses”, underlined Sverre Skaar, Managing Director of Solaris Norge AS.

“Unibuss is very pleased with the selection of Solaris as the supplier of the largest bus fleet in any tender in Norway. Unibuss in close cooperation with Solaris will provide Ruter with a stable and high quality bus fleet in the capitol of Norway. 
Unibuss and Solaris has a long standing relationship, and we are happy to develop this further”, emphasises Øystein Svendsen CEO of Unibuss.

The 4th generation articulated Urbino 18 electric bus was launched in 2017 and since then it has successfully served passengers in many European towns and cities. 
The vehicle stands out due to its lack of local emissions and it can operate (depending on the battery configuration and infrastructure) up to 24 hours a day. The advantages of articulated e-buses made by Solaris have been already demonstrated in other cities, including Brussels, Berlin, Barcelona, Warsaw, Cracow, Poznań and Hamburg. 
Soon, 23 Urbino 18 electric vehicles will also serve the residents of Aarhaus in Denmark.

The buses to run on the streets of Oslo will be fitted with High Energy batteries with a total capacity of over 500 kW. They will be recharged using a plug-in charger. A central motor with a power of almost 250 kW will be responsible for the drive.

The inhabitants of Oslo will have an opportunity to experience how comfortable daily urban travel can be thanks to all the features supported by the articulated Urbino 18 electric vehicles.
They include, among other things, availability of USB chargers, special ambient lights or a double ramp for people with disabilities. 
With the current pandemic situation in mind, special, reinforced filters will be used in the air conditioning system to provide additional protection against viruses. The presence of zero-emission Urbino electric buses in the centre of Oslo will translate not only to more comfortable travelling but also to better safety for all urban traffic participants.

The Urbino 18 electric buses will replace the older Solaris Urbino model that is used in the city traffic in Oslo. The new buses will be in operation in April 2023.

The partnership between Solaris and Unibuss AS dates back to 2006. Since then, the Norwegian carrier has ordered almost 300 vehicles from the manufacturer. All in all, there are over 500 Solaris Urbino units in operation in Norway.

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