Monday, 7 February 2022

Düsseldorf Orders 8 New 12m Irizar ie Buses

 Rheinbahn AG, Düsseldorf, has once again placed an order with Irizar e-mobility by acquiring 8 new 12 m Irizar ie buses

These vehicles, which will be charged overnight, will have a new generation of batteries that are lighter in weight in order to increase passenger capacity and autonomy.

Irizar say "We are continuing to consolidate our position in the German market, supporting the transition to zero emissions and improving the quality of life of citizens".

Rheinbahn AG is a public transport company in Düsseldorf. It operates a fleet of more than 800 vehicles (buses and streetcars) and carries around 620,000 passengers a day.

One of Rheinbahn's priority goals is to renew its bus fleet with conversion to zero-emission drive technologies, thus making a significant contribution to environmentally friendly mobility in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area.

The Irizar ie bus won the Bus of the Year 2021 award in Spain

Irizar say "The Irizar ie bus is a 100% electric, zero-emissions bus that offers a sustainable and eco-efficient urban mobility solution to respond to the current and future needs of city transport.

In addition to its attractive aesthetic design, this new generation, available in 10, 12, 15 and 18m versions, incorporates innovations and new batteries. The space has been optimized thus offering greater passenger capacity and greater modularity.

A new generation of more efficient batteries is combined with a regenerative braking system, which reduce consumption and offer greater vehicle range.

The new Irizar ie bus can have up to five interoperable slow charging point positions using a combo 2 connector.

Slow charging the vehicle takes 3 hours.  There is also the option of fast charging via pantograph.

The charging capacity can vary from 50 kW to 600 kW".

Irizar also offer the ie tram, which runs on tyres not rails

Irizar website here