Wednesday, 16 February 2022

Plans to Bring Electric Buses to Blackpool

Blackpool Transport have one of the cleanest, most modern bus networks in the UK. 
The buses currently run on diesel engines and are some of the cleanest on the market, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to the car. 

Now Blackpool have plans to introduce electric buses to their fleet in the coming years and with the support of 'ZEBRA' funding, Blackpool  Transport are hoping to make their ambitions a reality.

ZEBRA (‘Zero Emission Bus Regional Area’), a scheme introduced by the Department for Transport encouraging local authorities to work with local transport partners, in applying for additional support funding to accelerate the introduction of fully electric public transport.

The ZEBRA scheme has the following key aims:

To support the government’s commitment to decarbonisation and to reduce the transport sector’s contribution to CO2 emissions
To support the roll-out of the 4,000 Zero Emission Buses that the government committed to in February 2020
To support bus manufacturers in the development of zero emission bus technology
To support partnership working between Local Transport Authorities, bus operators, and other local stakeholders as set out in the National Bus Strategy
To understand better the challenges of introducing zero emission buses and supporting infrastructure to inform future government support for Zero Emission Buses.

Blackpool Transport are working closely with Blackpool Council to bring zero-emission buses to Blackpool and have submitted an application for a £19.6m grant and a £28.4m shareholder loan in the hope of having electric buses operating in autumn 2023.

The grant will help to redevelop the Blackpool depot at Rigby Road and future-proof it to enable it to house and operate an electric bus fleet.

See plans for development of the depot by watching the video here

You can also read the full business case for the proposal of Blackpool's application to the scheme here