Monday, 28 March 2022

Birmingham Airport's Driverless Shuttle Service

Passengers at Birmingham Airport are being transported in a driverless shuttle bus as a six-week trial of the vehicle gets under way.

The new Auto Shuttle is taking people from car parks to the departures building.

Cllr Ian Courts, Nick Barton and Henriette Breukelaar with
 Aurrigo's electric autonomous shuttle at Birmingham Airport
"We see this as the future," said Solihull Council leader Ian Courts.

The local authority bought the vehicle from Coventry firm Aurrigo and said the trial aimed to show passengers its green credentials and safety.

Mr Courts said safety was "uppermost in our minds", adding the zero-emission vehicle was previously demonstrated at the nearby NEC and on Solihull roads in a "successful trial".

After joining passengers on a test run, he described the trip as "smooth and flawless".

He said: "It was a joy actually. This is technology tackling climate change, tackling congestion and all of those things that we are trying to work on at the moment."

The trial route will provide airport staff with a new temporary service linking the departures entrance and Diamond House to Car Park 5. For the purposes of testing, the shuttle will be limited to a top speed of 20mph.

In line with current legislation a safety operator will be on-board at all times, who will have the ability to take control of the shuttle at any point if required. As well as airport staff the passenger trials will also be open to members of the public who want to experience one of the first fully self-driving shuttles in the UK. Visitors to the airport can book their ride by going to: