Tuesday, 15 March 2022

Journeo Receives £2.1m Order From City of Edinburgh

Transport technology and services company Journeo announced a £2.1m purchase order on Tuesday, from the City of Edinburgh, to upgrade its real-time outdoor passenger display systems estate.

The AIM-traded firm said the order included the supply and support of more than 400 optically-bonded new displays, as part of the second phase of a five-year, £4.8m services and support contract, originally announced by Journeo in December 2019.

It said it followed completion of the initial £0.8m purchase order for the supply of integrated real-time passenger systems and software for Edinburgh bus station, announced on 27 January 2020.

The new displays would be installed at bus stops and bus shelters throughout the City of Edinburgh, delivering benefits including higher contrast and greater readability in all light-levels with lower energy consumption, while providing the travelling public with “more feature-rich information” such as departure-specific disruption messaging.

It said it expected to deliver £1.2m of the project in the current financial year, which would “pave the way” for the Edinburgh council to investigate potential new sites to further expand its real-time information estate.

“The pandemic began to take hold early in 2020 shortly after we commenced the first phase of the systems, software and services contract with the City of Edinburgh,” said chief executive officer Russ Singleton.

“Covid-19 safety legislation and associated travel restrictions extended the original programme delivery, however our engineers and developers worked closely with the Edinburgh team throughout the pandemic and in November 2021, we successfully completed the handover of the bus station.

“We are delighted to progress on to the second and much larger £2.1 million phase announced today where our management software will deliver travel information and public messaging to over 400 of our latest optically-bonded outdoor displays, further enhancing the capabilities and performance of Edinburgh's world-class passenger information systems network.”

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