Tuesday 3 May 2022

Johnsons ‘Excelbus’ to be taken on by Diamond Bus

Johnsons ‘Excelbus’ services will soon be welcomed into the growing Diamond Bus business.

Johnsons have made the decision to sell the Excelbus part of their business to our parent company Rotala Plc, with the exchange expected to be concluded on 29th May.

Johnsons will cease operating local bus services, however their coaching and private hire operations will remain unchanged.

This new acquisition further strengthens Diamond’s growing Midlands business in the West Midlands, Worcestershire and Warwickshire region. The deal will involve Diamond Bus taking over operation of all Excelbus local bus services including the X20 Stratford to Solihull, 150 Redditch to Birmingham services and Stratford’s Park & Ride services.

For those customers joining us from Johnsons we look forward to welcoming you onboard. We will be taking on Johnsons drivers – so you will continue to see familiar faces on your routes and we will be working to rebrand the buses into our distinctive Diamond livery soon after the change over date.

More information regarding the services we are taking over and timetables will be available on our website shortly.

About Diamond Bus - From their website

Diamond provides bus services in the West Midlands and Worcestershire areas. It is Diamond’s aim to deliver a frequent, reliable, clean and friendly traveling environment for its customers.

Who are Diamond Bus? From their website

Diamond has grown out of the amalgamation of a number of small local bus companies acquired by our parent company Rotala Plc since 2006. Formerly our ‘Black Diamond’, ‘Red Diamond’ and ‘Blue Diamond’ brands operated separately across the West Midlands and Worcestershire. 
To enable a clearer and more recognisable brand to be developed with an integrated network of services, the smaller bus companies were merged and now operate under one Diamond brand, making us the second largest bus operator in the region today.
Making travel easier for everyone

Our investment in vehicles has lead to the introduction of newer, improved, low-floor and fully DDA compliant buses in Worcestershire and, with customer focus in mind, a number of unique “BuggyZone” buses have also been custom-built for the Redditch market. 

We have recently invested in new Ticket Machines with GPS tracking, which enables us to now offer bus location information in real time and next stop announcements through our new interactive Mobile App.

Smarter Ticketing...

At Diamond we are keen to develop accessible and convenient ticketing options for passengers too. You can buy passes for our services which are valid within smaller area zones or across the wider Diamond Bus network. 

Diamond are leading the way in the Midlands region with our introduction of Contactless Payment on-board our whole fleet of vehicles. Tickets up to the value of £45 can now be purchased onboard with any Contactless Payment Card or Apple Pay.

As well as being available on-bus, selected tickets and passes are also available through our new Mobile App, so they are available on passengers’ smartphones at the touch of a button while they’re on the move!

Dedicated to customer service and passenger care...

Keeping our passengers happy is our main focus: we have a dedicated Diamond Customer Services team, to assist with your customer queries or any problems you may experience. Ge
The Diamond Bus Network continues to grow and develop...

Today, our network encompasses nearly 150 services across Worcestershire and the West Midlands. With continuing investment we plan to grow still further in the future.