Friday, 29 July 2022

New Avanti West Coast class 805 Makes Its First Public Appearance

The first Avanti West Coast Class 805 has been seen outside of the Newton Aycliffe factory where the trains are being assembled. 
The new trains are built by Hitachi Rail and will serve the West Midlands, North Wales and Liverpool from 2022.

The set was briefly taken outside to get fuel, and was due to return to the factory to continue its static type testing. The set, like most at this part of the testing process, is minus any interior seating. This is expected to commence dynamic testing in September. Date and venue to be confirmed.

It is expected to see the train testing on the network towards the end of this year with a view to accepting the first set in the Spring of 2023.

Photos by James Garthwaite

The Class 803 and 805 shells are built at Hitachi’s Kasado factory in Japan, before being shipped to the UK where final manufacturing takes place at Hitachi’s Newton Aycliffe factory.

When complete, the fleet of trains will include 13 Class 805 bi-mode trains and 10 Class 807 electric trains which will replace the outgoing Super Voyager trains.