Tuesday 2 August 2022

The First New Autosan 18m LNG Buses Enter Service in Warsaw

David Ball has kindly sent the following report from Poland.

The First New Autosan 18m LNG Buses have entered Service in Warsaw The articulated
 AUTOSAN SANCITY 18LF LNG began "service" in the city of Warsaw. Delivered at the beginning of July this year, after having undergone the necessary preparatory processes at MZA, have now entered the streets of the capital. 

Each of them can comfortably and safely carry 126 passengers. The buses are equipped with low-emission CUMMINS engines powered by liquefied LNG gas, so they will also be safe for the environment.


It is many years since Autosan has delivered any buses to Warsaw and this is a very large order for them - 90 examples have been ordered. The first were delivered in early July for acceptance testing and training and I believe they entered service on 12th July; I was lucky enough to spot one on the 141 service. 

The 18m chassis they are using is a licence-built version of the Solbus chassis. Solbus I believe has ceased trading

Solbus had previously delivered 18m LNG buses to Warsaw and before that diesel 18m and 12m buses ( and possibly some shorter ones - 10m??)

Also in recent weeks the new 
Hyundai trams have also started to enter service in Warsaw which should over coming months eliminate most if not all high floor trams (although I did travel on a completely newly refurbished one of these a few weeks ago which was odd - either they are planning to keep or it could enter the vintage fleet)

The M2 underground line has just had its Western end extension to Bemowo opened in the last couple of weeks as well.