Wednesday, 28 September 2022

A Trip on The Leigh Busway

For people in Greater Manchester, it's a vital way of getting into the city centre. With no Metrolink or railway station, the guided busway is essential for many people living in Leigh.

It's also a popular way of getting into Manchester for others along the route - through Atherton, Tyldesley and parts of Salford.  

Services are operated by Wright Eclipse Gemini 3 bodied Volvo B5LH hybrid double-decker buses

A petition has been set up demanding improvements to the V1 and V2 bus services along the route.

Some passengers say the services can become full, particularly at key times, and there aren't enough buses running on the route to meet demand. They say buses sometimes drive past busy stops because they are too full to pick anyone else up, meaning passengers are stuck waiting to get to work or appointments.

It comes at a time where people across Greater Manchester are being encouraged to swap their cars for public transport, with buses a key part of that.

Here's a link to a trip on the Leigh Busway

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