Monday, 19 September 2022

Channel Islands' Bus Companies Sold to New Owner Tower Transit

HCT Group has announced the sale of LibertyBus in Jersey and and CT Plus in Guernsey to Tower Transit, a part of Australia’s largest integrated multi-modal transport provider and tourism operator, Kelsian Group Limited (Kelsian).

The HCT Group have closed down or sold various companies during the past few weeks following serious financial difficulties.

HCT have run Guernsey's bus services since April 2012 and Jersey's since January 2013.

“We are very proud of the work we’ve done in Jersey and Guernsey and we believe that the services there could not be in better hands” said Lynn McClelland, HCT Group Chief Executive. “Tower Transit and Kelsian are noted for their high-quality services, their international reach and resources, and their extensive experience with the electrification of bus services and other sustainable technologies, currently high on everybody’s agenda.

“It has been a pleasure and a privilege to serve the people of the Channel Islands for the past ten years. We are grateful to the Government of Jersey for the spirit of partnership that has characterised our work together. We are certain that we leave behind a strong foundation for the future development of the bus service.”

Samuel Ribeiro, Managing Director of Tower Transit, said, “The Group is delighted to take over the reins of LibertyBus and thank HCT Group for their commitment and their positive collaboration with the Government of Jersey over the years. 
Our aim is to maintain a business-as-usual approach whilst drawing on the experience and capabilities of the Group in the future. We proudly serve several Island communities in Australia and look forward to extending this high-quality service to the people of Jersey”.

Kevin Hart, Director of Channel Islands, said “We are confident that the transition will occur without any disruption to services and that there are no plans to change routes or tickets or branding. The aim is to maintain the existing teams in place with their extensive local experience and track record of success.”

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