Saturday, 15 October 2022

Go Ahead Sale to Kinetic & Globalvia Consortium Completed

Go Ahead is now owned by Kinetic Group (51%) and transport concession manager Globalvia Inversiones (49%). The sale was completed on 10 October following an increased offer from the consortium..

The consortium has listed “an opportunity for Go-Ahead to increase its footprint in the UK bus market” as one of the reasons for its interest. 
It adds that potential to pool expertise would deliver “a leading global multimodal mass transit platform” with a focus on moving to zero-emission.

Go Ahead operate trains in Bavaria and buses in Singapore

Kinetic runs around 4,000 buses in Australia and New Zealand and has expanded its operations there in 2022. Globalvia operates and maintains 26 infrastructure projects

Details about the new owners of the Go Ahead Group here