Saturday, 12 November 2022

New 805 001 for Avanti West Coast on Test Track at Hitachi Factory

 The first Class 805 for Avanti has been seen on test at the Hitachi factory.

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The new class 805's AT300 are bi-mode multiple units which are being built by Hitachi for Avanti West Coast. Based on the Hitachi A-train design. 

Thirteen five-car units are being built to replace Class 221 Voyagers on services between London Euston and stations on the North Wales Coast and Shrewsbury lines. 
Their introduction will allow the elimination of long-distance diesel working on electrified routes.

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805 001 was due to transfer to the Rail Innovation & Development Centre last week, where the train will be tested the using 11 miles of 25kV overhead line equipment.
The Melton facility provides two separate test tracks: a high-speed facility between Melton Junction and Edwalton, incorporating 13 miles of track up to 125mph – 11 miles of this with overhead line equipment – and a slow-speed test track from Old Dalby to Stanton Tunnel, with four miles of track up to 60mph.