Thursday, 22 December 2022

Could Edinburgh Trams Eventually Head to Musselburgh?

As Edinburgh's tram extension to Newhaven nears completion it has been announced that the service could next head to Musselburgh, according to a new national transport blueprint for Scotland.

The suggested tram line would go as far as Queen Margaret University (QMU), as published in the Scottish Government's new final Strategic Transport Projects Review 2 (STPR2).

The review will help inform Scottish Ministers to decide on a programme of potential transport investment opportunities from now until 2042.

Bus Rapid Transit and bus priority measures, starting at QMU with a route to Cockenzie and the new housing settlement at Blindwells, are also mooted.

A potential Regional Transport Interchange/Mobility Hub is proposed at the QMU site.

The review recommends that Transport Scotland works with regional partners to "develop and enhance" the cross-boundary public transport system for the Edinburgh and South East Scotland region, potentially comprising tram and bus-based transit modes including Bus Rapid Transit and bus priority measures.

This would "complement" and integrate with the region’s current bus, tram and heavy rail networks, to provide "improved connectivity" between the City of Edinburgh and the surrounding communities, as well as more "direct connections" between communities outside Edinburgh.