Wednesday 8 February 2023

Avanti Class 805 Begins Test Running on West Coast Line to Glasgow

The first Class 805 test run took place on 6th July. Unit 805001 travelled from Oxley to Glasgow Central, and was pathed to return the same day to Oxley depot south of Stafford. 
It is pictured here at Carlisle sporting its nose cone.

There are paths between Oxley and Glasgow each day, but they may just be limited to Monday and Thursday – see below.

Outward -

Return -

The Hitachi class 805 AT300 is a bi-mode version of the successful Class 880 series of trains, being built by Hitachi Rail for Avanti West Coast.
Based on the Hitachi A-train design, 13 five-car units are being built to replace Class 221 Voyagers on services between London Euston and stations on the North Wales Coast and Shrewsbury lines

Many thanks to Avanti West Coast for this information