Saturday 25 March 2023

Hamburger Hochbahn Orders 5 Solaris Urbino 12 Hydrogen Buses.

The potential of hydrogen as an alternative fuel has led to an ever growing number of orders from operators for buses equipped with hydrogen drive. 

Having observed the positive experiences of operators already deploying hydrogen power, Europe’s towns and cities are increasingly opting to modernise their fleets with hydrogen-powered vehicles. 
Municipal operator Hamburger Hochbahn has know placed orders for five Solaris hydrogen powered vehicles. These zero-emission vehicles will roll out onto the streets of Hamburg as early as the second quarter of 2024.

As part of the framework agreement, German municipal carrier Hamburger Hochbahn has ordered the Solaris hydrogen buses (12-metre version) which will be powered by energy derived from a 70 kW hydrogen fuel cell. 
Solaris’s experience in developing hydrogen technology dates back to 2014, where back then, in Hamburg, the Urbino electric 18 hydrogen bus, with a range extender, was launched – carrying passengers on the innovative 109 route.

“The city of the future is a people- and environment-friendly space. We believe that modern public transport plays a key role in the sustainable development of towns and cities. We are proud to be able to exert a real impact in this regard by delivering our zero-emission buses”, says Javier Irriarte, CEO of Solaris Bus & Coach.

In addition to being environmentally friendly (the sole by-product of the chemical reaction taking place in the hydrogen fuel cell is water), these completely zero-emission buses also boast an extremely low noise level. 
Each bus ordered will carry up to 70 passengers, including 26 people seated. The carrier has opted for an enclosed driver’s cab and a conventional 2-2-2 door layout.

Fuel cell technology remains an important strategic option for Hochbahn. With the five vehicles now on order, we will be able to use serial production-ready hydrogen buses in everyday operations for the first time. We are very pleased that we can cooperate with our partner Solaris in this project“, says Henrik Falk, CEO Hamburger Hochbahn AG.

Together with electric buses and trolleybuses, the Urbino 12 hydrogen bus constitutes an important part of the Solaris zero-emission range.

In September 2022, Solaris unveiled the articulated version of its hydrogen bus, the Urbino 18 hydrogen vehicle.