Tuesday, 14 March 2023

Hungarian Triple EMU Celebrates Delivery of 40th MAV-START Train

Hungarian passenger service operator MAV-START celebrated the delivery of the 40th unit of its KISS fleet with a special EMU train. 

By coupling of three different units, the company created the longest ever KISS train, used in passenger service. 

Before this occasion, triple KISS compositions were only used for testing purposes and never carried passengers. 

The  EMU train, which measured nearly half-km, is a special attraction not only in Hungary, but also within Europe. 

The vehicles are very popular with the traveling public. They have a large capacity, air-conditioned and spacious passenger compartment has seating a total of 600 seats on two levels. 
The 12 doors per side enable a faster flow of passengers, and their better driving dynamics ensure better timetables in the morning and afternoon peak periods. The carriages are equipped with modern cameras and passenger information, as well as a system showing seat occupancy, WIFI, network connectors for charging mobile phones and laptops.

4 wheelchairs, 12 bicycles or 5 strollers can also be transported in the multifunctional spaces.

MAV-START and Stadler first signed a frame agreement for the delivery of 40 double-deck KISS trains in 2017, the first units being delivered in 2020.

See the video here